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Scientist from The Deep returns from coral restoration trip to the Caribbean

A scientist from The Deep in Hull has returned from a 12 day trip helping with a project to restore the coral reefs off the coast of Curacao in the south Caribbean. Seb Prajsnar, who is a coral expert, took part in a series of night dives to collect spawn from the coral which can be grown in an aquarium and then planted back under the ocean.

Elkhorn coral off the coast of Curacao Credit: The Deep

Divers would go underwater during the day to identify patches of Elkhorn coral, which has declined since the 1980s, then return at night which is when the coral is known to spawn during August and September.

Fitting a net over the Elkhorn coral Credit: The Deep

Spawn from the coral was collected in clear tubes so it could be taken away to be grown in an aquarium.

Coral spawn collected in a tube Credit: The Deep

Scarborough Council bids to run university campus

Scarborough Borough Council has announced that it intends to submit a joint bid with Coventry University College to run the university campus in Scarborough.

Scarborough Campus, University of Hull

Earlier this year the University of Hull announced its intentions to pull out of the Scarborough campus to focus on its larger educational base in Hull and since that time, the council and local partners have been looking at ways to secure university education in the town.

The council says the proposed collaboration with Coventry University would create a university campus aimed at providing high quality, industry responsive education at a reasonable price with sustainable student numbers.

The ambition is to develop the campus so that it is sustainable in its own right and as such has realistic opportunities to achieve full university status for Scarborough, which would see it teaching and awarding its own degrees.

This is a defining moment in Scarborough's history and a paradise in educational standards. It will be an enormous boost to the economy and will give Scarborough the wow factor. It will enable the international, national and regional businesses at Scarborough Business Park to recruit higher level apprentices and graduate level personnel.

– Peter Wilkinson, Chairman of Scarborough Business Ambassador Forum


Health gap widening between North and South

A major report out today sets out aims to tackle the widening health gap between the North and the South. Public health experts have discovered that a baby girl born in the North can expect to live up to 15 years less than a baby girl born in London. The report calls on the Government to give local authorities more resources to tackle the health inequalities. Professor Margaret Whitehead is the report author.

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