A penguin chick with a bad case of splayed legs is back on happy feet again

Poorly penguin back on happy feet

A penguin chick with a bad case of splayed legs is back on happy feet again thanks to his own wardrobe of special designer trousers

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Holiday Weekend Weather Prospects

Cowling Pinacle
Cumulus cloud over Cowling Pinnacle in Craven. Credit: RAY GRAHAM

Today (Saturday) will be very similar to yesterday in that there will be plenty of sunshine first thing but cumulus clouds will develop and that will bring a scattering of showers this afternoon, mainly, but not exclusively, east of the A1. Highs are still disappointing at around 17ºC. Saturday night will be dry but chilly with lows in the sticks around 3ºC - cold in a tent that's for sure. Sunday will be a lovely day. There will be plenty of sunshine in the morning, a little more cloudy in the afternoon but it should stay dry. It'll feel a tad warmer too because there will only be a very light wind. Monday is more problematical. There will be a good deal of cloud with some outbreaks of rain. I'm not expecting a huge amount of rain and the afternoon should see some brighter weather. Keep up to date with the forecast, brought to you this weekend by Kerrie Gosney.

Rovers play hardball over Hull's Rhodes bid

Hull will be forced to spend nearly all of their Shane Long windfall if they are to land Blackburn's Jordan Rhodes as his replacement.

Hull want Blackburn's Jordan Rhodes
Hull want Blackburn's Jordan Rhodes Credit: Press Association

Scotland striker Rhodes, who has scored 53 goals in 99 appearances since joining Rovers two years ago, has emerged as Steve Bruce's number one target but will not come cheap after Blackburn rejected an initial offer.

They want a profit on the £8million they paid Huddersfield and value their prize asset in the same bracket as Long, who joined Southampton in a surprise £12million deal earlier this month.

Hull's Europa League trip to Lokeren this week has complicated matters, with Bruce admitting after the match on Thursday he did not know how far advanced the discussions over Rhodes were.

Blackburn, meanwhile, have indicated that the ball is in Hull's court and await an improved offer.

Rovers, who signed Tom Cairney and Corry Evans from the Tigers last year, are understood to be interested in Bruce's son Alex as part of any deal.

Bruce would be hesitant to sanction that, with the centre-back having impressed last season and also started in the team's Barclays Premier League win over QPR on the opening weekend.

Hull favour a 3-5-2 formation, meaning Bruce senior would be loathe to lose one of his established central defenders.


Lokeren police blame violence on 'hard-core' supporters

Police in Belgium say a "hard-core" group of Hull supporters "reinforced with Dutch supporters" took part in violence after the Europa League tie last night.

Hull lost the game 1-0 but violence broke out after the game as supporters were being escorted by police away from the stadium:

The plan was to escort the Hull supporters to the train station after the game so that they could catch the last trains to Ghent and Antwerp...When the escort passed by a local pub, the group was pelted with bottles from an enclosed patio. Some of the hard core Hull supporters (ca. 50 persons), reinforced with Dutch supporters, were involved in this provocation. After about fifteen minutes peace returned and the escort went on its way.

Three British and Belgian supporters were put in administrative detention, mainly for disturbing public order and public intoxication.

In the following days we will collect evidence which will allow us to identify and punish the troublemakers.

We regret that despite the efforts of both football clubs and police forces the hard core supporters continue to spoil the atmosphere, at the expense of both clubs and cities, but mostly at the expense of other supporters who just want to have fun at a football match.

– Rudi de Clercq, Lokeren Police

Lokeren fan writes to Hull Supporters' Club

A Lokeren fan has written to Hull City's Official Supporters' Club describing the "hooligans" who caused trouble after last night's game as "outcasts" and "no Lokeren-supporters".

The fan, who has not been named, thanked Hull fans for their behaviour and is apparently looking forward to the return leg next week.

Below is the full letter:

Good day As a Lokeren fan who attended last night’s game, I want to express my big thank you to all the Hull City fans. It was great to meet with them and when they passed the street at the entrance of the stadium the far majority of Lokeren and Hull City fans applauded each other’s fan base. Great atmosphere !

Unfortunately, about 25 hooligans (both from the city of Lokeren and from the Dutch city of Breda) appeared before and after the game with only one goal in mind: make trouble. These guys are no longer allowed inside the Lokeren stadium; they are ‘outcasts’ and no Lokeren-supporters. We do not want them there. They created the trouble; not the Lokeren-fans. We only wanted to have a fantastic atmosphere on and off the pitch. I am very sorry for the people from Hull that possibly got hurt last night. Our deepest apologies.

We look forward to the trip to Hull and to enjoying the game together with our friends from Hull. About 1’000 – 1’500 Lokeren-fans will be travelling to Hull. I expect none of the hooligans to make the trip to Hull. And if they do, I hope the English police teaches them a good lesson…

Good luck this Sunday against Stoke ! We hope you get the three points.

All the best and looking forward to next Thursday’s game

– Lokeren fan letter to Hull City

Supporters' club urges fan segregation in second leg

Hull City fans have criticised the tactics of Belgian police after the club's Europa League clash last night.

A number of supporters were injured when they were hit by bottles and glass as they were led past a bar full of KS Lokeren fans.

Three Hull fans were arrested for offences before and after the match, two for being drunk and disorderly and one for criminal damage.

The Official Supporters' Club says the return leg will now require heavy policing after last night's violence:

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