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Countdown for £3.9m Humber Bridge repair works begins

General view of the Humber Bridge Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA

The countdown is on for the £3.9m repairs to the Humber Bridge. One lane over the bridge will be closed for the repair works, which include replacing four steel frames to strengthen the landmark crossing. The work is expected to start on October 28 and will last 40 weeks

"We appreciate that customers will be worried that this work could affect traffic flow in and around the Humber Bridge toll area but we want to stress that we are doing all we can to minimise any impact.

At peak times we will have three approach lanes and three toll booths open in each direction, as at present. We will only reduce this to two lanes or possibly one at the quietest times during nights and weekend when the work make this essential for safety."

Peter Hill, Bridgemaster

Campaign for patients' free Humber Bridge toll

Patients who cross the Humber Bridge for hospital treatment are nearing an exemption in tolls.

A bill going through Parliament would give control of the bridge to a new board who can change current rules.

Campaigners have lobbied for patients to be toll-exempt for years.

The Humber Bridge Bill was agreed at a second reading in the Commons.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers has been speaking to us about it,


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