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Humber coastguard called to help stranded fishermen

Two fishermen have been rescued after spending nine hours aboard a life raft when their boat sank.

The pair had been fishing in the North Sea 12 miles east of Sunderland when their boat appeared to hit a submerged object, sinking so quickly they did not have time to make a distress call.

The pair were picked up by a Dutch yacht Jager at 4.40pm yesterday. The crew contacted Humber coastguard, which arranged for a lifeboat from Hartlepool to pick up the fishermen and bring them to shore.

Both of the fishermen are now safe and well, although a little shaken by their ordeal. We'd like to thank the Dutch yacht Jager which rescued the men and went out of their way to ensure their safety.

– Mike Puplett, watch manager at Humber Coastguard

Coastguard teams are now searching for the wreckage of the boat and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch has been informed.

East Yorkshire sailor back home after a week lost at sea

A sailor from Wetwang in East Yorkshire is finally home safely - after being lost at sea for a week.

Charles Pickering left Germany to set sail for Scarborough last week. But all the power on his yacht cut out - and after an international rescue mission, he was finally discovered 80 miles off the Yorkshire Coast. Helen Steel reports.


Yachtsman found after air and sea search

A Yorkshire yachtsman, reported missing yesterday, has been found alive and well on his yacht in the North Sea, following an extensive search co-ordinated by Humber Coastguard.

His 17ft yacht, Equinox, was approximately 80 miles east of Spurn Point (at the mouth of the Humber) and rescuers found him relatively quickly today, thanks to an emergency positioning beacon aboard his yacht which was activated

Humber coastguard make direct appeal to missing yachtsman

Humber Coastguard have appealed to the missing East Yorkshire yachtsman directly to urgently make contact with them.

The 69-year-old man is late on his return to Scarborough from Germany and his worried family have appealed for help. He was last seen in the Keil Canal, Brunsbuttel, Germany and telephoned his son on July 4th to say he was planning to come home.

Search aircraft will resume their search later this morning. Humber Coastguard is asking any vessel who believes they may have sighted the yacht to urgently contact any Coastguard Station with information.

Coastguard appeal over missing yacht

A search is underway by the Humber Coastguard for a 69-year-old yachtsman from East Yorkshire who has not been seen or head from since the 4th of July.

Humber Coastguard were contacted by the yachtsman’s family yesterday, The missing man last used his bank cards in Germany on 3rd July. On the 4th of July he telephoned his son to inform him he was planning his passage home, on his 17ft yacht Equinox, which is normally moored at Scarborough.

He was last seen in the Keil Canal, Brunsbuttel, Germany. Humber Coastguard initiated an air Search and Rescue craft to sweep the area from Scarborough to the Median line and from Germany, Heligoland to the Median line.

Two rescued from cliffs at Whitby

The Humber Coastguard is again urging people to check the weather and tides before heading out after two people were rescued when cut off by the tide in Whitby. The coastguard were alerted by a member of the public who reported that two people were in trouble in Saltwick Nab.

The Whitby Coastguard Rescue Team, the Whitby RNLI lifeboat and the search and rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield were sent to the scene. When they got there, they found two people were attempting to climb up the cliff away from the rising water.

They were winched on board the helicopter and taken to the top of the cliff where they were met by Coastguard Rescue Officers. They weren’t hurt. There was also a similar rescue in Wells in Norfolk Mike Green, Watch Manager at Humber Coastguard, said all four had had a lucky escape.

We were able to send units to their rescue quickly, and ensure they were brought back to dry land safely. We always advise people to check the weather and tidal conditions before setting out. You need to consider whether you could end up cut off by the incoming tide. Also, please don’t attempt to climb cliffs as a short cut back to the top, as you could hurt yourself in the process. “If you are in trouble, or spot someone else in difficulty, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

– Mike Green, Watch Manager at Humber Coastguard


Coastguard centre closes

Great Yarmouth Coastguard Credit: ITV Anglia

Great Yarmouth's coastguard centre, which covers the Lincolnshire coastline, has closed as part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency programme of modernisation

The agency said full operational responsibility had been transferred to Humber coastguard.

It said there would be no reduction in crews, lifeboats or helicopters. The MCA added no compulsory redundancies have occurred out of Yarmouth's 25 staff.

Chief coastguard Peter Dymond said: "Safety is our top priority and I am confident the same high-quality search-and-rescue service will be maintained throughout.

"There will be no reduction in front-line rescue resources. The availability of lifeboats, rescue helicopters, Coastguard Rescue Teams and other rescue facilities in the area will be unaffected.

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