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Immigration figures underestimated

The number of immigrants arriving in Britain from the European Union was undercounted by half a million over a ten year period, a difference the size of Manchester, campaigners have warned.

In a letter to UK Statistics Authority chairman Sir Andrew Dilnot, Sir Andrew Green, of Migrationwatch UK said the "significance of the error underlines the scale of the task now facing the present government".

He added: "It is hard to think of a statistical series that is more sensitive in terms of public opinion, particularly at present."

A recent study suggested the immigration population in Boston, Lincolnshire, had risen by 500 per cent in 10 years.

467% increase in immigration in Boston

Boston, Lincolnshire

An immigration study has revealed Lincolnshire has seen some of the most dramatic rises in the country.

Oxford University's Migration Observatory shows over a decade until 2011, there has been a 467% increase in migrants living in Boston. South Holland had a 225% increase.

According to the report, the smallest proportion of the foreign population lived in Derbyshire - its 25,642 foreign-born residents represent 3% of the local population.


Detention centre riot

Morton Hall immigration removal centre
Morton Hall immigration removal centre Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Illegal immigrants have injured five officers during a riot at a detention centre in Lincolnshire, according to border officials.

Up to 40 detainees were involved in the incident at Morton Hall immigration removal centre in Swinderby, Lincolnshire, which saw one detainee taken to hospital and led to 12 others being transferred to other centres.

Staff were injured on December 30, the UK Border Agency said, while up to 50 detainees were also involved in a protest on Christmas Day, in which no-one was injured.

Both incidents, at the former women's prison. were brought under control within an hour.

Morton Hall was opened as an immigration removal centre in 2011. It holds up to 392 foreign national offenders, failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

In September last year, 18 asylum seekers went on hunger strike at Morton Hall because they did not want to be sent back to Afghanistan.

Static immigration protest in Boston

One hundred and nine people have confirmed they will take part in Boston’s anti-immigration static protest. The protest will begin at 2pm today. It has been organised by campaigner Dean Everitt.

The decision to protest was made following the publication of a report from Boston Borough Council into the impact of population change in Boston.

In a statement, Lincolnshire Police and Boston Borough Council said: “We have been working with the protest organisers to ensure they hold a peaceful protest. This event is being policed and anyone intent on causing disruption or public disorder will be dealt with swiftly and robustly.”

Anti-immigration protest to go ahead

A man behind an anti-immigration march which was called off last year says he will stage a protest in November.

Campaigner Dean Everitt scrapped the march after the Home Office agreed to visit Boston, which has one of the country's fastest-growing immigrant populations. The local council are also so worried about a population boom they've drawn up a plan on how they''ll cope with the changes.


Report into increase in immigration

Officials in Boston are so worried about a population boom caused by immigrant workers that they have drawn up a detailed plan on how they will cope with the change.

Over recent years there has been a big rise in the number of Eastern Europeans living and working in the Lincolnshire town. The new report makes 28 recommendations - ranging from cracking down on anti-social behaviour to calling on the Government to look at migration levels. James Webster reports.

Boston immigration inquiry says there's "no easy solution"

An inquiry into the effects of population increase in Boston following an influx of migrant workers from eastern Europe has made 28 local, national and international recommendations.

Boston Borough Council's suggestions range from harsher punishments and better patrolling of anti-social behaviour to automatic access to EU funding to deal with migration.

But the council leader and chairman of the task group investigating the impact of population change stressed there is no single solution.

They acknowledge "unprecedented population change" since 2004 with the latest Census showing an increase in Boston's population from 55,750 in 2001 to 64,600 now.

"We have made observations for others to consider and sought to escalate comments to both national and European governments. What is clear is that the recent changes are set to continue. Our report does not, nor cannot, contain all the answers as there is no single deliverable solution to the pressures placed on Boston society. Everyone has their part to play… we must be understanding, tolerant and work together to find solutions to the challenge and secure Boston's fair share of dwindling finances."

– Cllr Paul Kenny and Cllr Peter Bedford

Update: Detainee comes down from roof

Morton Hall
Morton Hall near Lincoln Credit: Calendar

A man who had scaled the roof of an Immigration Detention Centre in Lincolnshire has now come down.

The man from Malaysia, who was previously thought to be of Chinese origin is said to be OK and has been placed in a separate unit at Morton Hall for staff to talk to him. Ambulance crews have now left the site which officials say is returning to normal.

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