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Church leaders condemn attack on Grimsby mosque

Church leaders have written to condemn an attack on a mosque in Grimsby.

We are appalled and deeply saddened by this horrific and foolish act against a peaceful worshipping community.

While no-one, thankfully, was physically hurt in this attack, the effect of this crime will be felt very deeply not only by the members of the Mosque, but by the wider community of Grimsby. All are entitled to worship peacefully, and to enjoy, and be enriched by, the community of their place of worship without fear.

After our horror at the events in Woolwich and this attack in Grimsby, we pray for, and encourage, friendship, and not violence, as the first response to a crisis.

Our thoughts, prayers and support are with the Muslim community of Grimsby and around the country.

– Dr Pete Atkins, Lt Col Mike Caffull, Right Revd Dr Tim Ellis, Revd Tony Haley, Right Revd Christopher Lowson, Revd Bruce Thompson


Mayor condemns mosque arson attack

Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Peggy Elliott, outside Grimsby mosque Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire Peggy Elliott has condemned an alleged arson at a mosque in Grimsby.

"I can't believe people in the community would do such a thing but they are in the minority."

Councillor Peggy Elliott.

Police came across the fire at the Islamic Cutural Centre on Weelsby Road around 10pm last night. The fire was put out and no one was injured. Police say it is too early to speculate on the cause of the blaze. Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident.


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Grimsby MP: Arson attack plays into hands of terrorists

Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell said attacks on mosques and other Islamic institutions were playing into the hands of terrorists who wanted community conflict.

Mr Mitchell told BBC Radio Humberside: "It's sheer, simple stupidity. I'm appalled and shocked. I didn't expect this in Grimsby.

These idiots, whoever they are, are playing directly into the hand of the terrorists.

– Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell
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Mosque chairman describes petrol bomb attack

A mosque chairman has spoken of the petrol bomb attack on the Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre last night.

Diler Gharib was inside the centre with a young family when it was targeted by arsonists.

He told the Grimsby Telegraph: "We had just finished our prayers and were discussing how to thank our neighbours for the support they have shown us over the past few days when we heard a bang and saw fire coming under the door."

I grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out and then two more petrol bombs hit the fire escape and the bin so I had to put those out too.

– Mosque chairman Diler Gharib

Arrests after arson attack on Islamic centre

Two people have been arrested following a fire at an Islamic cultural centre in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

The arrests came after an officer came across the fire at the centre in Weelsby Road just after 10pm last night. The fire was extinguished and no-one was hurt.

It is too early to speculate why the fire was started, however anyone with any information who could assist officers as part of the investigation are urged to call the Humberside Police non-emergency number 101, quoting log number 778 of 26/05/2013.

– Humberside Police spokesperson