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York health chiefs consider re-introducing IVF on NHS

Health bosses in York have called a meeting tomorrow where they'll recommend reintroducing IVF on the NHS.

The news follows criticism from MPs and local mums including Louisa Starr who runs a fertility support group, after the city was named as the only place in the UK not to offer free treatment. The Vale of York Clinical Commissioning group says it hopes to be able to offer couples IVF from August.

IVF treatment concerns

A couple from Leeds are calling for changes to the way fertility treatment is handled after they spent 40,000 pounds on IVF they may not have needed.

After it failed, Nicola Medina fell pregnant naturally following a procedure for a condition she believes should have been spotted earlier. Victoria Whittam reports.


Party time

Up to 400 very special children and their parents are having a party with staff from the assisted conception unit at Calderdale Royal Hospital. The annual get-together is being held in Halifax.

The unique camaraderie between our staff and patients means this event is always very popular. We are very proud of our reputation and the fact parents continue to come to us to help them become families and it is always a pleasure for us to see them again. We now have such a wide range specialist knowledge in all areas which puts patients at ease and reduces stress when they are going through difficult times. This party is a celebration for them and us and a highlight of our year.”

– Clinical nurse lead Helen Marvell


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