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Savile victims' lawyer 'disappointed' by compensation scheme challenge

A charity set up by Jimmy Savile is to challenge a compensation scheme for victims of the sex attacker.

The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust will take its case to the Court of Appeal later this year.

Liz Dux, who represents 176 of the late DJ's victims, said she was disappointed by the move:

The Trustees of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust issued the following statement:

First, we remain concerned by the amount of legal fees that NatWest has incurred (over £0.5m to date). We are particularly concerned that NatWest’s
lawyers took their fees from the estate without having any authority to do so at the time.

Second, we do not feel that the proposed compensation scheme for claimants is fair. The current scheme gives the claimants’ lawyers an automatic right to claim fees of about £14,000 per claimant, irrespective of the amount the claimant receives.
This could mean a claimant receives only a fraction of the amount paid
to the lawyers. It also means that a very substantial amount of the estate
(perhaps over £2m) could be paid out in legal fees. We feel strongly that the
estate funds should either go to the claimants, or to beneficiaries of the estate (including the charity). It is our hope that we can protect the value of the estate by our application, so that more money is available to pay to those who have proper claims against the estate. As charity trustees, we also have an obligation to protect the funds that will go to charity, if there is anything left in the estate after paying the claims.

– Trustees of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust

New unit to investigate any new Savile complaints

A new NHS unit is to be set up by the Department of Health to monitor new complaints from potential victims of Jimmy Savile and ensure they are investigated properly.

The Government hope it will make it easier for any other victims of the disgraced TV personality to come forward.

Recent investigations into Savile's behaviour provoked an apology from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.


Abuse victims scared of 'speaking out', warns Health Secretary

Jimmy Savile Credit: PA

Abuse victims are still frightened of speaking out against powerful people, Jeremy Hunt has warned after the shocking findings of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

The Health Secretary, said there had been major changes in recent decades but "we haven't come the whole way." A series of chilling reports into the activities of Savile found he had subjected patients in hospitals to "sickening" sexual abuse.

Mr Hunt apologised on behalf of the Government and NHS to Savile's victim when the findings at 28 hospitals were published on Thursday.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

"I think we are kidding ourselves if we think there aren't people even today who are frightened of speaking out in those situations and whilst, of course we always look at the law, we also have to look at the culture and being better at supporting people who do want to speak out."

Dozens report years of abuse by Savile

The true scale of the Jimmy Savile scandal has been laid bare today as a report revealed how he was allowed to commit a horrifying catalogue of sexual abuse in hospitals up and down the country over 50 years.

At Leeds General Infirmary alone, dozens of people came forward to say he had abused them. His victims were patients, staff, young boys and girls and even pensioners.

In a damning indictment, investigators found his predatory and manipulative behaviour was allowed to thrive in the Leeds hospital because reports of allegations against him there were never passed onto senior staff. Jon Hill reports:


Hull MP: Savile revelations raise concerns for parents across the country

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has apologised to the victims of Jimmy Savile today saying "Savile's actions will shake our country to the core."

The scale of the disgraced DJ's catalogue of sexual abuse of the most vulnerable victims aged from just five to 75 has become clear. A report has been published detailing investigations at 28 hospitals including allegations of historic abuse at De la Pole hospital in Hull.

Today in the Commons one of the city's MPs, Diana Johnson, said the revelations raised concerns over plans to scale back background checks for volunteers in hospitals:


Jimmy Savile victim: I still have nightmares

A transgender man abused by Jimmy Savile has told ITV News he still has nightmares about his ordeal.

The Health Secretary today apologised to victims after further details of Savile's crimes at NHS hospitals across the country were released.

"I still have nightmares. A lot of people would think 'there's nothing wrong with him' but that's not true - I still have nightmare. I still dream I'm locked up," Steven George said.

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Country will share 'deep revulsion at Savile's abuse'

Jimmy Savile was a "callous, opportunistic, wicked predator" who abused people who had a right to be safe, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said.

Victims were let down as "people and institutions turned a blind eye" to Savile's crimes, Hunt said.

Hunt said the whole country will share a "deep sense of revulsion" at the details of Savile's crimes.

"He was a sickening and prolific sexual abuser who repeatedly exploited the trust of a nation for his own vile purposes," Hunt told MPs as he apologised on behalf of the government and NHS.

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