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Hero passenger recalls emergency landing

A passenger in a light aircraft who had to take controls of the plane after the pilot collapsed has tonight been telling Calendar how he managed to land it safely.

John Wildey, who's 77 and from Doncaster,, had never flown a plane before, but he made a perfect landing after being talked down by instructors. The pilot has since sadly died. But Mr Wildey has been hailed a hero for staying calm and for averting any more loss of life. James Webster reports.

Passenger did " beautiful landing"

A flight instructor who helped a passenger land a plane at Humberside Airport after the pilot was taken ill has said the man performed a "beautiful landing".

Roy Murray said he was surprised just how calm the man he knew only as John wasas he brought the aircraft down at the airport, near Grimsby, on Tuesday night.

77-year-old John Wildey landed the plane in the dark without lights. The pilot was later pronounced dead. James Webster reports