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Ben Parkinson makes another stride forward in road to recovery

Ben Parkinson has made another stride forward in his incredible road to recovery after he lost both his legs below the knee in a bomb attack in Afghanistan. Ben, who is from Doncaster, was the most badly injured servicemen to survive the battlefield.

Since then he's jumped out of planes and carried the Olympic torch. He has now been fitted with a new pair of legs which it's hoped will give him even more freedom.

New legs for Ben Parkinson

Ben Parkinson carrying the Olympic torch in his hometown of Doncaster Credit: Calendar news

Ben Parkinson, said to be the most seriously injured soldier to survive the Afghan conflict, is set to take his first steps on his new legs. Ben won the hearts of the nation when he carried the Olympic torch through his hometown of Doncaster.

Today he is in Loughborough to be fitted with his new legs - made by a firm which also enabled Paralympic gold medallist Jonnine Peacock to run to glory.