Richard III makes history again

Richard III will make history by becoming the first English king to have his genetic code sequenced.

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Richard III scientists to look at diseases

The remains of Richard III are to be the first to have their entire genetic code sequenced.

Scientists want to map the king's DNA before his remains and any samples taken from them are reinterred.

Today Dr Turi King from Leicester University said she hoped to find out more about the monarch's susceptibility to certain diseases:



High Court battle over Richard III reburial adjourned

The legal battle over where the remains of Richard III will be buried has been adjourned.

Three High Court judges decided to adjourn the case to a later date because another party had joined the legal confrontation.

A model of the head of Richard III Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The remains of the last Plantagenet King were found buried under a car park in Leicester last year, and the plan was for them to be reinterred in a tomb in Leicester Cathedral.

But distant relatives of the King in York have brought a legal challenge to this decision. The Plantagenet Alliance claim the remains should be reburied at York Minister, as he wished.

The legal challenge consists of concerns that the Justice Secretary failed to consult before giving archaeologists at the University of Leicester license to excavate Richard’s body, and decide where he would be reburied.

Now the case has been adjourned so that Leicester City Council can be added to the list of parties being challenged by the York group.

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King Richard III: Decision to bury in Leicester reviewed

Reconstruction of Richard III's head

The battle to decide where the remains of Richard III are to be buried goes to the High Court today.

The full judicial review hearing about whether the exhuming and reinterring of Richard III's remains should be allowed takes place at London's High Court.

Involving two judges and expected to last a whole day, the hearing will specifically examine the Ministry of Justice's decision to grant a "section 25 licence" to the University of Leicester.

This authorised the university to remove the king's remains from beneath a council car park and reinter them. The university subsequently announced it intended the reburial would take place in Leicester Cathedral.

A group of the king's descendants, known as Plantagenet Alliance Limited, which wants his final resting place to be York, has brought Tuesday's case in an effort to have the "section 25 licence" quashed.


Plantagenet Alliance cost recovery capped

The judge also, in a quid pro quo for granting a full PCO, capped the costs the Alliance can recover from the Justice Secretary and the University of Leicester, the second defendant in the case, at £70,000.

The Alliance had suggested the cap should be dramatically increased by 50% to reflect the Justice secretary's "aggravating" conduct, including his public criticism of the proceedings going to court in the media.

MoJ: Unfair for taxpayers to fund Plantagenet Alliance case

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "It is unfair for taxpayers to have to fund the case being brought by the Plantagenet Alliance and we are disappointed by the court's decision on this issue.

"We will now consider the judgment on this appeal and decide our next steps. We will continue to vigorously defend our position at the main judicial review hearing."

Richard III's relatives win cost order

Richard III's bones have caused controversy over where they should be buried
Richard III's bones have caused controversy over where they should be buried Credit: Press Association

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has lost his High Court bid to stop distant relatives of Richard III having their costs protected if they lose their legal battle over where the monarch's remains should be reburied.

Lawyers for Mr Grayling argued that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

But a judge ruled today the relatives, who have formed the Plantagenet Alliance Ltd to fight for the remains to be buried at York Minster, are entitled to a protective costs order (PCO).

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ruled that he was satisfied that "it was, and is, appropriate, to grant a full PCO".

It is understood that loss of the PCO could have jeopardised the judicial review application going ahead.

Dame Judi Dench backs campaign for Richard III to be buried in York

Dame Judi Dench is supporting the Plantagenet Alliance's campaign Credit: PA

Dame Judi Dench has thrown her support behind campaigners calling for the remains of Richard III to be buried in York.

The actress, who was born in the city, says she will sign the petition asking the Government to ensure the remains of the last Yorkist King are buried in York Minster, rather than in Leceister where they were discovered in a car park during an archaeological dig last year.

This reconstruction of Richard III's head was created by studying his skull Credit: PA
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