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Under starter's orders - UK's oldest horse race

The oldest horse race in the UK, the Kiplingcotes Derby will be held later today at Market Weighton.

Kiplingcotes Derby winning post Credit: ITV Yorkshire

With origins in the Sixteenth Century and firm records dating back to 1618, it is open to jockeys and horses of all ages

The course covers four miles, steep in places and often muddy.

The winner has to be in it for the glory - the way the prize money is allocated means that the runner-up, whose prize is made up of the entry fees on the day, often gets a bigger cash prize than the winner who receives a fixed sum of £50.

Day at the Oldest Races

Pointing the way to Kiplingcotes, the oldest derby on the English racing calendar.

Now it's a day for racehorse fans as not only are the Cheltenham charms on offer... Today is also the day of the oldest flat race in the English sporting calendar. The Kiplingcotes Derby will be held in Market Weighton in the Yorkshire Wolds later. It's almost 500 years since it first began.