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Lollipops for ladies

keeping the ladies sweet with lollipops Credit: Calendar news

Humberside police have a new weapon in the fight against alcohol-related crime - lollipops. Officers armed with the sugary treats have been given them to racegoers at Beverley races, ecouraging them to drink responsibly.

They say the lollipops reduce rowdy behaviour, introduce a calmer environment, and bring up people's sugar levels . Over the summer they've been handing out thousands to drinkers.

Superintendent Darren Downs, head of operations for the East Riding, said:

"The purpose of handing out lollipops to drinkers is to reduce rowdy activity, antisocial behaviour and increase a calmer environment when leaving the venue. Lollipops are not the solution to the aftermath of drinking, but are a fun, lighthearted way we can add to part of the solution."

"We have been using the lollipops in the East Riding for some weeks, so it is too early to show whether they have made a difference, but they have been used in other parts of the country to great success."

"They can break the ice, give people something else to talk about and have the added benefit of getting sugar into the body when people have been drinking."



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