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Heroin smuggling air steward jailed

A Pakistani air steward who tried to smuggle heroin through Leeds Bradford International Airport has been jailed for five years.

Syed Shahrukh Shah was jailed for five years

Syed Shahrukh Shah, 31, was sentenced today at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to importation of a Class A drug.

The Pakistan International Airways steward was stopped by Border Force officers as he came off a flight from Islamabad on 20 November last year.

After initial questioning, officers then searched his baggage and discovered four packages of white powder which tests later showed was heroin.

Mr Shah then indicated to officers that he had a fifth package hidden on his person.

In total Border Force seized over 2.25kg of the drug which had a street value of £646,700.

Respected pilot jailed for nine months

A respected pilot, with a career spanning more than two decades, is behind bars, for being drunk in charge of a flight about to take off from Leeds Bradford airport.

A court heard Irfan Faiz drank had three quarters of a litre of whisky before attempting to fly a plane.

156 people were on board the Pakistan International Airlines plane, bound for Islamabad. Faiz was in the cockpit, when he was stopped from going any further. Calendar's Tina Gelder was in court.


PIA: Irfan Faiz has brought "disrepute" to Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines have released a statement about their pilot, Ifran Faiz, who was jailed for nine months after admitting he attempted to fly a plane, despite being three times over the limit for drinking and flying:

We have made it clear that any PIA official found in violation of rules in Pakistan or abroad will be dealt strictly according to the relevant laws. We await to receive the written verdict about Irfan Faiz. Upon the completion of his sentence, Irfan Faiz will have to face further action in Pakistan by PIA according to prevailing corporation's rules and regulations for bringing into disrepute Pakistan and PIA

– Pakistan International Airlines

Jailed pilot was "under stress" that family could be kidnapped

Irfan Faiz arriving at court Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Paul Greaney QC, who was defending jailed PIA pilot, Irfan Faiz, told the court his client was not a heavy drinker but was under a lot of stress at the time because of a kidnap threat against his family back home.

The court heard that the defendant is from a prominent family in Pakistan.

Mr Greaney also told the judge that, despite being an experienced pilot, Faiz was not aware of the drink-fly rules in the UK.

The court heard that Faiz was an experienced and well-respected pilot with 25 years' experience and an unblemished record.

Faiz admitted a charge of carrying out an ancillary aviation function while impaired by alcohol, contrary to the Railways and Transport Act 2003, at a previous hearing.

PIA "deplores" drunken pilot's actions

Pakistan International Airlines have released a statement about their pilot, Ifran Faiz, who was jailed for nine months after admitting he attempted to fly a plane, despite being three times over the limit for drinking and flying:

PIA highly deplores the conduct of sentenced pilot.

In the light of Court's verdict further action will be carried out as per Corporation's Rules & Regulations.

The maximum sentence is termination from service. All legal formalities will be completed upon completion of his sentence in UK.

– Pakistan International Airlines


Drunken pilot drank "three quarters of a bottle of whisky" before flying

Irfan Faiz has been jailed for nine months Credit: ITV Yorkshire

An experienced pilot who was found to be more than three times the permitted alcohol level as he was about to fly an Airbus with 145 passengers on board to Pakistan has been jailed for nine months.

The judge sentencing Irfan Faiz, 55, said it was "extraordinary" that the rules in Pakistan only stated that there should be a 12-hour gap between "bottle and throttle", no matter how much the pilot had drunk.

Father-of-two Faiz was breath-tested at Leeds Bradford Airport on September 18 as he was undergoing pre-flight checks in an Airbus 310 with 145 passengers and 11 crew on board.

He was about to pilot the PIA 776 flight to Islamabad when he was asked to leave the cockpit due to concerns raised by security staff who said he smelled of drink and was unsteady on his feet.

The pilot told police he had consumed three-quarters of a bottle of whisky but had stopped drinking at about 3am. He was arrested before the flight which was due to depart at 10.10pm.

Drunken pilot jailed

A pilot with 25 years experience has been jailed for nine months after admitting to being drunk in charge of a flight that was about to take off from Leeds Bradford International airport.

54 year-old Irfan Faiz, was three times over the limit allowed for drinking and flying, unsteady on his feet and smelt of alcohol when he was arrested in September.

The Pakistan International Airlines flight was supposed to take off from Leeds Bradford to Pakistan, carrying nearly 200 passengers.

Airport breaks three million passenger barrier

Tony Hallwood , Leeds Bradford Airport's Marketing Director Credit: Leeds Bradford Aiprot

Leeds Bradford Airport has recorded a major traffic milestone with the announcement that it has broken its 3 million rolling year passenger figure, according to latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority*.

Passenger traffic was up by an impressive 19.6%* in May and 12.9% in June compared to the same months last year.

Commenting on this notable milestone, Tony Hallwood, Leeds Bradford Airport’s Marketing Director, said: “LBA’s significant increase in passenger traffic and extended route and airline choice for 2013 is particularly pleasing in such a competitive marketplace. "

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