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Leeds festival arrest

A 35-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly being found with twelve stolen mobile phones, watches, jewellery, a handbag, a purse and a wallet at Leeds Festival. Suspected Class A and Class B drugs were also seized by officers.

The man was taken to Stainbeck Police Station for questioning on suspicion of Theft, Possession of Drugs and offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act. He currently remains in custody and enquiries are ongoing.

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Festival goers report 'barbaric conditions' at Leeds

Festival goers have been reporting alarming conditions at Reading and Leeds music festivals. Writing on the official Leeds Festival page, several ticket holders complained that the facilities were not coping with the weather.

The event organisers make enough money to provide some decent sanitation as well. The toilet situation is barbaric, heck just a roof would help. Just saying.

– Jason Parker

Some woodchip to soak up the mud would have been a huge help...conditions were pretty treacherous especially in the dark and then the car got stuck in the mud too so bit of a problem getting out, saying that the stewards were a fantastic help. All made worth by an incredible set by Green Day. Have fun if you're going today.

– Caroline Mitchell

Left Leeds last night after I was told by medical and welfare staff that there was nothing they could do to help me, despite being on crutches, because of the weather.

– Vicky Parsons


Better weather predicted for Leeds fest tomorrow

Leeds Fest has been newly crowned Mud Fest - after torrential rain overnight forced many revellers out of their tents - and some to even give up and head home.

It been heavy going underfoot at Bramham Park today with the mud several inches deep in many places.

Heavy rain fell throughout the night but the good news is that better weather is expected tomorrow - and some people just don't let anything put them off having a good time!.

Leeds Fest becomes Mud Fest

Leeds Fest became Mud Fest overnight as torrential rain forced many revellers out of their tents - and some to give up and head home. Both the Oxfam and Welfare tents reported brisk trade with both offering temporary shelter for some of those whose tents became waterlogged.

Heavy rain fell throughout the night and in some parts of the festival ground the mud was several inches deep. More rain is forecast today but better weather is expected tomorrow.

Heading home - these revellers have had enough
Waterlogged tents
Mud is several inches deep in some places
Makeshift walkways being put in place
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