A penguin chick with a bad case of splayed legs is back on happy feet again

Poorly penguin back on happy feet

A penguin chick with a bad case of splayed legs is back on happy feet again thanks to his own wardrobe of special designer trousers

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GCSE results reveal north south divide

More students in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire are getting the top grades at GCSE but today's results have revealed a massive north south divide when it comes to achievement.

There has been a 0.4 per cent increase in students getting As and A stars in our region. That is a seven per cent share of all the top grades nationally.

We have been to Bradford College which has many mature students re-taking their exams.


Teaching union commends GCSE results despite 'upheaval'

The country's largest teaching union say that yearly variations on grades is a result of government policy rather than a reflection of pupils' ability.

The NASUWT criticised changes to exam structures as students across the country found out how they had done in their GCSEs.

This year’s GCSE exam entrants have had to cope with a raft of rushed through and ill-conceived changes to the qualifications system and so today’s results are especially commendable. Congratulations must go to teachers and pupils for navigating through this difficult period of upheaval.

The reality is that despite a campaign of calculated denigration of the GCSE qualification perpetuated by the Coalition Government, there was never any evidence to justify the destabilising changes that teachers and pupils have had to face.

It is becoming increasingly challenging for parents and the public to interpret and compare results year on year, but perhaps this is the Coalition Government’s intention.

It is particularly important given the changes to study the results in more detail to draw meaningful conclusions. Any variations in grades this year appear to be the result of reforms in the system, and not a reflection on the ability of pupils or the quality of teaching.

– Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT

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Rail union blasts crime figures as 'truly shocking'

Rail workers' union the RMT have blasted crime figures released today.

Violent crime increased by 9.5 per cent on rail routes in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

These are truly shocking figures which just illustrate the complacency over the safety of the travelling the public which is endemic amongst the train companies, the regulators and the politicians.

The 20 per cent increase in sexual offences on the railways should force an immediate halt to the on-going programme to remove guards from our trains and the Government-endorsed plans to close ticket offices and de-staff stations. Clearly we need more staff in public view, across the network, to deter the criminals and halt this appalling surge in attacks on women.

The cuts to jobs and services have to be reversed if we are to stop our transport services from descending deeper into the kinds of criminals’ paradise that is exposed in these horrific new statistics.

– Mick Cash, RMT Acting General Secretary,


Apprenticeship campaign launched ahead of GCSE results

The Business Secretary Vince Cable came to Yorkshire to launch a new campaign which aims to show young people the benefits of on the job training.

With just hours to go before they get their GCSE results - tens of thousands of students across the region are being urged to take up apprenticeships.

But Labour critics say it is now twice as hard to get an apprenticeship as it is to get into university.

Lisa Adlam reports:

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