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Lib Dem tax plans are "empty words"

Liberal Democrat plans to claw back more money from people who “sit on a fortune” have been described as “empty words” by Yorkshire MP.

Nick Clegg’s aides said he would insist on fresh taxes for the wealthy as the price for accepting billions of pounds of extra spending cuts in 2015/16.

Meanwhile Danny Alexander, Treasury Chief Secretary, today revealed that a crackdown on tax dodgers was being extended to all those worth £1 million or more.

But Labour's Shadow Treasury Chief Secretary, Rachel Reeves, said that people will judge the Liberal Democrats "on what they do, not what they say".

Nobody will be fooled by Nick Clegg’s empty words on tax. This is the man who backed a £3 billion tax cut for millionaires in the Budget while asking millions of pensioners and families to pay more.

– Rachel Reeves MP (Labour, Leeds West)