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Lincs council asked to approve £700,000 car park repair costs

Lincoln city council is being asked to approve maintenance work costing £700,000 on the Broadgate car park.

Broadgate car park Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Work would start in April and last for six months.

"Our car parks are well used by residents and business customers and are a key facility to the central area.

Broadgate's usage has generally increased on a yearly basis partly generated by adjacent development schemes, therefore these works are vital to ensure the local economy is not affected."

– Mark Wheater, Lincoln City Council


Demo held against potential fire service cuts

A demonstration against proposed cuts to the fire service in Lincolnshire has being held today whilst the county council decides its budget for the next 12 months.

Defend Our Fire Services, a coalition of firefighters and local residents, called the protest in Lincoln claiming lives could be put at risk.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has to save £1.2m as part of county hall plans to reduce its budget by £90m over the next five years.

Man goes missing after hospital appointment

A 24-year-old man has gone missing in Lincolnshire.

Vytautas Baltrukonis Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Vytautas Baltrukonis was last seen when he attended Lincoln County Hospital for an appointment last Friday.

Staff at the hospital reported him missing and It is believed he may still be in Lincoln.

He was last seen wearing a distinctive white bobble hat that has a red band with white ear flaps and tassels, a green zipped hooded coat, a blue fleece, grey gloves, dark grey trousers, black shoes, and a white or beige coloured scarf. He is around 5ft 7in in height and of slim build.

Police have urged anyone with information to get in touch.


Empty boarded up shops having 'negative impact' in Lincoln

There are claims that empty boarded up shops are negatively impacting tourism and small businesses in the centre of Lincoln.

A Business Action Group says although business is booming in parts of the city - one street in Lincoln has 18 shops on it which are now closed. But others say the city does not have a problem - and fairs well when compared to others across the country. Kate Hemingway reports:

Rapist trio jailed

A group of men are behind bars for raping a woman, even though the judge had stopped the trial as he did not think there was enough evidence.

The case centred around whether a 23-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave consent when she was raped at flat in Lincoln in 2012.

In a rare move the Crown Prosecution Service went to the Court of Appeal in London to get the case restarted.

Senior judges there overruled the decision to halt the trial and earlier this week the three men, who all in their 40s, were found guilty,

Today they were each jailed for six years. Martin Fisher has the story:

Katie Russell from Rape Crisis then gave her view of the case to John and Claire:

CPS: Protracted attack lasted 20 hours

In a statement read to the court, the victim described how the ordeal had left her unable to form relationships and suffering from panic attacks.

She said it caused her "upset and stress".

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the victim was subjected to "a protracted attack" which "lasted 20 hours".

Lawrence English, CPS East Midlands Senior District Crown Prosecutor, said: "This was rape as it was clear the woman was in no state to consent to sex.

"While it is, of course, true that lack of memory, on its own, does not prove lack of consent, the context in this case showed that this victim was taken advantage of because she was incapacitated, and that she could not have consented to sexual activity.

"It is against the law to engage in sexual activity with someone who is clearly unable, through drink, to give their consent. We are pleased that the Court of Appeal ruled in the way it did and the case proceeded to the jury for a verdict.

"The victim in this case has shown tremendous courage in this case. She suffered an horrific ordeal because of the actions of these three men and we are satisfied to see justice has been served."

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