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Courts uphold fisherman's appeal against parking fines

A man from Lincolnshire who was ordered to pay £300 for twice parking illegally overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace near Mablethorpe has won an appeal against his conviction.

Alex Sprott with his mother after the hearing

Lincolnshire County Council had been attempting to enforce a bye-law it has in place at the car park.

But, representing himself, Alex Sprott, a 34-year-old shift worker and keen fisherman from Grantham, told Lincoln Crown Court on the first occasion he had received a warning from the council and had then applied for a fishing permit.

Mr Sprott also provided evidence in court against claims his van was too tall and that he had been asleep inside on the second occasion.

The judge said there had been an abuse of process by Lincolnshire County Council in the case and upheld the appeal, ordering the council to pay £669.60 in costs.

We are, of course, disappointed with today's decision. However, we will continue monitor the car parks over the summer and seek to continue to enforce the bye-laws.

– Matthew Davey, Environment and Community Projects Officer, Lincolnshire County Council


Gulf War veterans 'still being ignored' by MoD

Twenty five years on from the Gulf War, veterans like Rodger Needham, 48, who has Gulf War Syndrome, say they are still being ignored by the Ministry of Defence.

Rodger, from Dunscroft, near Doncaster, was one 50,000 British servicemen and women, who blame a cocktail of injections and pills to protect them against chemical attack, for health problems they now suffer. Rodger has chronic fatigue and post traumatic stress disorder.

He says it is not about compensation. Instead it is about getting to the truth and also being given government recognition for what they have endured.

Rodger has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and chronic fatigue and can no longer work.

An MoD spokesperson said:

We are indebted to allthose who served our country in the 1990/1991 Gulf conflict. In recognition of this financial support is available to veterans and dependants whose illness or death is due to service through the War Pensions Scheme and Armed Forces occupational pensions schemes.

The MOD sponsored a research programme into the possible health effects of the combination of vaccines and tablets which were given to troops at the time of the 1990/1991 Gulf conflict to protect them against the threat of biological and chemical warfare. The overwhelming evidence from scientific research is that these would not have had adverse health effects. All documents relating to such allegations have been in the public domain for many years and despite repeatedly asking for further evidence we have received nothing to support these unfounded allegations.

– MoD Spokesperson


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