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Petition to bring back Waddington Air Show

A display at the RAF Waddington show

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to bring back an air show in Lincolnshire.

It was announced last month that the Waddington International Airshow would be cancelled indefinitely.

The petition calls for the RAF to do all it can to find a new home for an air show in Lincolnshire.

The show was cancelled this year while work to replace the runway is carried out, but now the RAF says increased security concerns and operational risks mean it will be no longer be held there.

Instead, the air force says it is looking at whether an alternative show could be held at RAF Scampton from 2017.


UK ban on prisoner votes upheld

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK ban on prisoner voting should stay in place.

It comes after a case in France, where convicted murderer Thierry Delvigne claimed a ban on him voting in European Parliament elections violated his civil and political rights.

But the court ruled the ban was "proportionate" to the offence.

If the court had ruled the other way it could have outlawed all bans on prisoner voting, including the UK's.

The ruling said the "ban to which Mr Delvigne is subject is proportionate in so far as it takes into account the nature and gravity of the criminal offence committed and the duration of the penalty".

Former prisoner John Hirst from Hull started a UK-wide campaign for prisoners to be given the right to vote.


Court to issue ruling on prisoners' right to vote

A European court will issue a verdict this morning on whether prisoners should have the right to vote.

John Hirst has previously failed in his bid to get prisoners the vote Credit: ITV News

The original case was brought by John Hirst from East Yorkshire who was convicted in 1980 of killing his landlady.

The government has previously been advised it cannot impose a blanket ban on the vote by the European Court of Human Rights.

Today's ruling comes from the EU's European Court of Justice.

David Cameron: 'if people want to donate then they should'

A Bradford charity has told ITV Calendar that it is considering withdrawing its work from the Calais camps, claiming that too many people are there for the wrong reasons.

The UK Government has so far preferred to focus its attention on the camps in the countries bordering Syria. But the Prime Minister said that people should not be discouraged from donating aid to Calais if they wished to do so.

"There are some important charities working in Calais to help people there and if people want to donate to that part of the refugee crisis then they should. I would encourage people to give to responsible charities that can account for what they do."

– Prime Minister David Cameron

He nevertheless defended the Government's record of helping those caught up in the refugee crisis.

"The right way to help the refugee crisis is to donate money to the Syrian refugee organisations including the work that is being done in Turkey and Lebanon and Jordan. We don't want to encourage people to make what is a very dangerous journey to Europe."

– Prime Minister David Cameron

The Prime Minister said the people living in the Calais Jungle should talk to French authorities and put in an asylum claim there. He pointed out that Britain is 'building very strong borders around the tunnel and the Calais port', in an attempt to 'make sure that people who come to Britain have a right to come to Britain.'

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