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RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Counting the birds

This weekend sees the return of the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch, an initiative which encourages thousands around the UK to pick an hour over the weekend to discover wildlife in their gardens.

Budding bird watchers are encouraged to register in advance to get their free information pack, then take one hour to watch and record the number of birds in the garden or open space and submit the results.

The initiative has been taking place since 1979. Results enable the RSPB to monitor trends and understand how birds are doing and take steps to put them right.

Revisiting the town Mary Portas hired to 'turn around'

Kate Hemingway revisits a town in Lincolnshire which had its High Street thrown into the spotlight two years ago after the Queen of Shops Mary Portas, was hired by the Government to turn it around.

A regeneration team in Market Rasen is now putting plans in place to carry on the work - but some residents say the Portas scheme has failed to deliver.


Naked challenge for tough mums

It's one of the toughest challenges in the world, so tough in fact that fewer people have taken on the Talisker Whisky Challenge - that's rowing across the Atlantic - than have climbed Everest or been in space. But four working mums from Yorkshire are to do exactly that later in the year - AND they'll do a fair bit of it naked. Sarah Clark has been to meet them - fully clothed.

Lost seal searches for fish in Lincolnshire village

A lost seal has been spotted 27 miles inland in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire Credit: Kerry Unwin Photography

A lost seal has been spotted 27 miles inland in Lincolnshire while it was fishing for food.

The seal was found at Low Locks, off the River Welland, near Deeping St James.

Normally found in the Wash, it is reported to have appeared in the Lincolnshire village during the last week.

The RSPCA believe the seal was following a dredger that was turning up fish and it is likely the easy meal is what has brought it inland.

The seal was found at Low Locks, off the River Welland, near Deeping St James. Credit: Kerry Unwin Photography

Scunthorpe hospital ward closed after norovirus breakout

One ward has been closed at Scunthorpe General hospital due to a norovirus breakout.

Scunthorpe General Hospital Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Visitors who have been suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting are urged not to come to the hospital until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.

Staff are being advised not to come to work if they have symptoms and to stay off for 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped, as they will be infectious to others during this period.

There is no specific cure for the illness, which is usually mild and shouldn't last more than a couple of days.

Ward 2 is currently closed to admissions due to an outbreak of Norovirus. Patients from the ward will not be discharged to nursing or residential homes while they remain an infection risk and we have closed the ward to new admissions. The infection prevention and control team is reviewing the situation daily and regular and frequent disinfection is being carried out on the ward to contain the outbreak. This type of illness does come into the hospital from time to time, as in other hospitals across the country, and that is why we have a robust infection control policy in place to deal with such eventualities. This illness lasts about 24 hours and, although unpleasant, very rarely causes serious medical problems.

– Dr Peter Cowling, Trust consultant microbiologist

If you have symptoms of diarrohea and/or vomiting you should follow this advice:

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Take paracetamol for any fever or aches and painsIf you feel like eating, eat foods that are easy to digest
  • Stay at home – don't go to see your GP because norovirus is contagious and there's nothing your GP can do while you have it.
  • Contact your GP to seek advice if your symptoms last longer than a few days or if you already have a serious illness.


Two winners from our region at NTA's

It was the award's show that we have been building up to for weeks, and we weren't the only ones as over seven million people tuned into The National Television Awards last night.

Unfortunately Emmerdale missed out on the three categories they where nominated in, but the region was still well represented as Sheridan Smith and Keith Lemon picked up awards despite the London traffic. Daniel Harris now reports:

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