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Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick to retire

Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick has announced he is not seeking re-election in May.

Credit: ITV News

He told colleagues at a meeting of the police panel today that he wishes his successor the very best.

I am simply retiring but I can do so knowing that I have achieved what I have set out to do as Commissioner. Crime has reduced, a fair deal for Lincolnshire is on its way and we continue to deliver performance that is as good as and, in many cases, better than more well-funded police areas. Whoever my successor is, I wish them the very best.

– Alan Hardwick



Sixth whale is confirmed dead

No more suffering for the whale

A whale washed up on a beach in Norfolk has died. British Divers Marine Life Rescue said the creature died shortly after 8pm this evening.

It had been stranded at Hunstanton since this morning and is believed to have been in the same pod as the five sperm whales that beached and died on the East coast last week.

We're very sad to confirm that the whale has died but it is a bit of a relief because it had been in quite a lot of suffering.

– Stephen Marsh, BDMLR

Average family loses £700 a year on food wastage

The average UK family loses around £700 every year on food wastage, according to new research.

Press Association Credit: Press Association

The survey conducted by Approved Foods found that 1 in 4 were wasting food that was safe to eat.

It was also found that people were under the impression that food approaching or on its 'best before' date were too risky to eat.

The wastage was largely down to confusion regarding food labelling and what it actually stands for.

Best Before

The 'Best Before' is more about quality rather than safety, if the food passes this date it isn't harmful but may lose its flavour and texture.

Use By

This label would appear on food which would go off quickly, this includes smoked fish, meat products and read-prepared salads. Using food after this date could be a health risk.

Sell By

This would be an instruction for staff at the store rather than shoppers and instructs them when to remove an item from a shelf.

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