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Yorkshire MP demands 'regional government for the North'

The North of England should have a 'regional government for the North', a West Yorkshire MP has claimed.

In a Parliamentary debate, the Labour MP for Halifax Linda Riordan told ministers it was time "for central government to let go a little bit".

Over a period of years, maybe even decades, the increasing centralism of decision making has left the North without a proper democratic and accountable voice that can champion the area, boost investment and protect jobs.

– Linda Riordan MP (Labour, Halifax)


Linda Riordan expense row

There is anger over another MP's expense claim. Halifax MP Linda Riordan's been criticised for renting out a London flat to a fellow MP - and then claiming thousands to rent another property herself.

She's not technically doing anything wrong - but the Taxpayers' Alliance says what she's doing is against the spirit of guidelines governing MP's expenses. Chris Kiddey reports.

Halifax MP said to be pocketing £19,000 a year from taxpayer by renting out her second home and claiming for a third property

Linda Riordan MP is said to be pocketing £19,000 a year from taxpayer by renting out her second home.

Labour MP Linda Riordan is accused of pocketing £19,000 a year by renting her taxpayer-funded second home to a fellow MP while she claims expenses for a third property.

The Halifax MP rents it out to fellow Labour MP Iain McKenzie who pays her £1,560 a month in rent. It means she has three properties, two of which are funded by the taxpayer.She is one of four MPs involved in the controversial practice, that is technically permitted by expenses rules.