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Judicial challenge over cattle market sale

Councillors in Louth have agreed to start a judicial review against the process taken by East Lindsey District Council to sell Lincolnshire's only surviving cattle market.

Louth Cattle Market Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The decision will see Louth Town Council working in partnership with the community interest company, Keep Louth Special to start a judicial review into ELDC's process in selling Louth Cattle Market to Asda.

The town council also claim that the cattle market could actually be under the ownership of the Louth Mayor not East Lindsey District Council if it can be proved that the 1848 Louth Markets and Improvement Act was not dissolved following the introduction of the 1974 Local Government Act.

If that act still stands then essentially the district council do not own the cattle market. It is in fact, the responsibility of the Mayor.

"This could alter what happen in Louth for years to come.

"The judicial review is about the decision making process. We believe that process is flawed and having spoken to the barrister, he believes exactly the same.

"Like everything in life there are no guarantees. There is always a chance you can lose in the court room.

"Keep Louth Special has subsequent funds already in place pledged by members of the public before they have even invited donations.

"This includes £10,000 by one businessman and £1,000 from another and they have not even asked for any money yet. They could possibly reach the target themselves."

– Mayor of Louth, Cllr Andrew Leonard


Firefighters battle major blaze at Louth waste company

An investigation is underway into a major fire at a waste company in Louth. Six crews have been fighting the blaze at Bolingbroke Road. They are expected to remain as the scene for the rest of the day.

Pictures: The aftermath of Hull's 'mini tornado'

The clean up operation has begun in Hull today after residents said a mini tornado swept through part of the city yesterday afternoon.

Council workers trying to clear away the debris at Wilflete Court and Hopewell Road Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Trees were uprooted along Hopewell Road and one woman is in hospital after being hit by glass as a tree fell on the taxi she was trying to get in to. The council say it will take until the end of the week to clear the debris.

Fallen trees still line the street in Hull where 'mini tornado' hit Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Reports of 'mini tornado' in Hull

Eyewitnesses have been telling Calendar how a 'mini tornado' swept down a residential street in Hull, causing damage to cars and houses.

Fallen tree damages house Credit: Calendar news
Clear up begins in Hopewell Road
Trees blocking road Credit: Calendar news

The woman passenger in this taxi had a lucky escape when a tree fell on the taxi she was in. Eyewitnesses say she was shocked but otherwise unhurt.

Taxi passenger had a lucky escape


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