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84-year-old caught doing 94mph on M62

Humberside Police have caught an 84-year-old doing 94 mph on the M62. Officers followed the vehicle for a short period of time and claim he also reached speeds of 100mph before they stopped the vehicle.

Tweeting at the time of the incident Special Constable Alex Frost posted "1L Micra stopped for travelling at 100mph by a 84yr old grandad! I thought I'd seen it all!"

“Speeding remains a serious issue on the roads of the Humber region.

"Speed limits are in place to help reduce the number of casualties on our roads, and statistics show that when people exceed those limits, it can result in fatal consequences. “Speeding does not necessarily cause a collision but speed can have a huge effect on the consequences of a collision. The consequences of a high speed collision can be far worse than that of a low speed collision. "At 84 years old you are unlikely to have the same responsive reactions to that of a younger driver and so the speed this driver was doing was extremely worrying, if he needed to make any sudden maneuver he would have been in trouble."

– Casualty Reduction Officer Simon Carlisle
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