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Detective: Edwards' acted with cold calculation

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Griffin who led the inquiry said:

“Susan and Christopher Edwards had 15 years to come up with an account of what happen that night in May 1998. In their interviews they didn’t stray from a well rehearsed script, and even used the same words and turns of phrases. I wonder whether they had started to believe their own lies.

“The Edwards’ acted with cold calculation and meticulousness, killing and burying in an unmarked grave to be forgotten the people who raised Susan. They then spent the next 15 years exploiting and profiting from it.

“We scrutinised their every word and while we found fundamental elements of the story to be true there were inconsistencies in the detail. It was that detail which painted a very different picture, one that involved premeditated murder, likely driven by a long-harboured financial grudge...

“Their surviving family has been understandably stunned and upset by what has happened. I just hope they can take comfort in the knowledge that William and Patricia will now be officially and respectfully laid to rest.”



Couple sent cards on behalf of murdered parents

The cards said the couple were travelling in Ireland, in a card in 2011. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Susan Edwards sent Christmas cards to relatives of her parents in order to convince people they were still alive.

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The cards described how the couple were enjoying travelling around Ireland, when in fact they have been shot dead and buried under the garden of their home.

The Christmas card sent to William Wycherley's niece in 2011. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Susan Edwards, 56, and her husband Christopher, 56, were found guilty of murdering Patricia and William Wycherley at Nottingham Crown Court.

The bodies of the Wycherleys were unearthed from the back garden of their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, last October.

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Family: Priority is to lay them to rest in dignity

In a statement, William’s nieces Hilary Rose and Christine Harford said:

"We didn’t know William Geoffrey, our mother’s youngest brother, at all well. We have built a picture of him in our minds based on what she’d told us and photographs we had seen...she would have been horrified by these brutal murders, and the callous treatment of the bodies afterwards.

“It would have been extremely upsetting for her to discover the deception and lies practised by her niece — our cousin — Susan and her husband Christopher against her and others for so long, for their own selfish greed and gain.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped to bring them to justice...

“We are private people and have found it difficult to have our family thrust into the public eye in such a way.

"We have felt powerless throughout this terrible ordeal but, while we cannot change what has happened, there is one thing we can do — we can officially acknowledge William and Patricia’s deaths. Our main priority now is to see that they are finally laid to rest with dignity.”

Possible life sentence for Mansfield garden murderers

A woman who murdered her parents for their money with the help of her husband then buried them in their back garden where they lay undiscovered for 15 years is facing a life sentence.

Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher
Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Susan Edwards, 56, and her husband Christopher, 57, were found guilty of murdering Patricia and William Wycherley at Nottingham Crown Court.

The bodies of the Wycherleys were unearthed from the back garden of their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, last October.

Prosecutors at Nottingham Crown Court claimed the debt-ridden couple murdered her parents for their money between May 1 and 5 1998.

Mrs Edwards claimed she was provoked into shooting her mother while staying with her parents over a bank holiday after Mrs Wycherley shot her father.

Press Association

She claimed she returned the following weekend with her husband, where she confessed to what had happened and he helped her to bury the bodies.

The couple said they continued to claim the dead pair's benefits and pensions to cover up the shootings.

The defendants, who were arrested last October, admitted obstructing the coroner in the execution of his duty and the theft of a Halifax credit balance.

Susan Edwards also admitted her mother's manslaughter but both denied murder.

As the jury of eight women and four men delivered its unanimous verdicts, neither gave any reaction.


Mansfield couple told they will receive a life sentence

Susan and Christopher Edwards have been told they will each receive a life sentence for the murder of Susan's parents.

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ITV News Reporter Ben Chapman is in court.


Judge tells Susan & Christopher Edwards they each receive a life sentence. Their minimum term will be decided on Monday pm. @itvnews


In all Susan & Christopher Edwards stole nearly £250,000 from their dead victims to pay off their debts and fund their lifestyle. @itvnews


Susan & Christopher Edwards both guilty of murdering her parents and burying their bodies in the garden. @itvnews


Man jailed for life-changing 'single punch' assault

Jailed for 16 months: Ashley Haslam

A single punch thrown during a night out in Mansfield town centre has left one young man facing medical treatment for the rest of his life and another in jail. Ashley Haslam, from Meden Vale, was out with friends when he punched a 23-year-old reveller in the early hours of March 15, 2014.

He was identified through CCTV and arrested later that day. His victim suffered severe head injuries. He was in an induced coma in hospital before undergoing brain surgery, followed by intensive rehabilitation and speech therapy. He still needs further reconstructive surgery.

Haslam, who is 22, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to causing grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court today 16 months in prison. Detective Inspector Phil Sims said:

“In one moment one punch was thrown and two lives changed forever. I urge you to learn from this incident. Drink responsibly and think before you act. Is it really worth it? The victim in this case is lucky to be alive. Had he died, Haslam could have been beginning a life sentence today.”


Woman on trial describes moment she shot her mother

A woman has described the moment she shot her mother. She says it happened after she was told she had been an unwanted child.

Susan Edwards - along with her husband Christopher - is accused of killing her parents and burying their bodies in the back garden of their house in Mansfield. They deny murder.

She told Nottingham Crown Court that she went into a bedroom at her parents' house after hearing a loud noise when she was staying there one bank holiday in 1998. She said her father was lying on the floor and her mother was standing with a gun in her hand.

Her mother - Patricia Wycherley - threw the gun on the bed and Susan Edwards picked it up, the court heard. Susan Edwards then described how her mother told her she she was an unwanted child and and that she and her husband has both wanted her to have an abortion.

Susan Edwards told the court:

"She said I was an unwanted child, she wanted an abortion, they both wanted an abortion.

She told me she knew that my father abused me. At some point she threw the gun on the bed.

I picked it up.

She kept going on an on and I asked her to stop saying these things.

I asked her, please stop saying these things, will you go away. She didn't. She kept on and on."

Her mother also told her that she had slept with her husband, Christopher.

Susan Edwards said she pulled the trigger more than once.

She said she dragged the bodies under the bed and covered them with a duvet.

Later she wrapped the gun and bullet casings in a towel, put it in two plastic bags and then put it in the emptiest bin she could find, she said.

She also went to her mother's bank and withdrew about £40,000 pounds in cash and cheques. She said she also did a money transfer by using a signed letter of authorisation she had received from her mother who had told she she wanted her to have her money.

Later that day she says she caught a coach back home to London.


Woman on trial for murder says her father was abusive

Susan Edwards denies murdering her parents who were found buried in their back garden. She told a court today that she hated her father for abusing her and being violent towards her. William and Patricia Wycherley were found buried in the garden of their house in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

Prosecutors say Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher shot the couple in 1998 but pretended they were still alive and collected almost a quarter of a million pounds in pensions and from selling their house.

She was asked by her barrister what her attitude to her father was as a child and as a young woman.

"I hated him," she said.

She was asked what the reason was.

"Mainly the abuse and he was violent as well," she said.

Susan Edwards and Christopher both deny murder.

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