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Leeds among worst in UK for mobile phone thefts

Leeds is one of the top three UK areas where mobile phone owners are most likely to have their device stolen, according to a new report by an insurance company.

Leeds second worst for mobile phone thefts Credit: Press Association

Protect Your Bubble, which specialises in insuring modern technology, found that in London 18% of insurance claims are for theft of a mobile phone, the highest in the UK. Leeds was second, on 16%.

Stephen Ebbett, director of Protect Your Bubble, said: "Gadget owners can never be too cautious. Everyday we cart around hundreds, or even thousands of pounds' worth of high-tech gear, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and e-readers.

"People can reduce their risk of being targeted by keeping their mobiles out of sight in public. Carry them in a pocket or bag with a zip, rather than your trouser pocket, or in your hand."

The survey covered the 30 largest towns and cities in the UK.

According to the data gathered by Protect your Bubble, users in their early 20s were the most likely to be victims of theft.

According to the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, there are more than 250,000 reported cases of stolen mobile phones each year, with the unit encouraging users to install tracking apps to help trace a device after it has been stolen.

34 people stopped for using phones while driving in East Yorkshire

Dozens of drivers have been stopped by police in the East Riding after they were spotted using their mobile phones.

In total, 34 people were stopped by officers between Monday and Saturday last week as part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of mobile phone misuse.

"I have looked at the individual collisions and spoken to the attending officers - it has been the case that there are a large number of collisions contributable to mobile phone use. This is not necessarily persons using the phone to call someone, but texting, use of the internet and social media. All these seem to involve the driver looking down at their phone and becoming engrossed. "

– Simon Carlisle, Casualty Reduction Officer for the East Riding

In December last year at York Crown Court a woman given a four year jail term for "tweeting" her friend whilst driving. She collided with a car and killed a passenger.


UK's first 4G network arrives at Leeds and Sheffield

The long-anticipated 4G network goes live in 11 cities across the country today, including Leeds and Sheffield.

EE (Everything Everywhere) is the first UK provider to give customers access to the network. By Christmas, 16 cities will benefit from the fast connection covering 20 million people.

EE tariff prices will range from £36 for 500mb of download data up to £41 for 8GB of data.

Other cities to benefit from 4G today are:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Southampton

Cities that will have access to 4G by Christmas are:

  • Hull
  • Nottingham
  • Belfast
  • Derby
  • Newcastle