CCTV of a crossing incident in Lincoln

Running the risk on rail crossings

People in Lincoln are acting "recklessly" according to Network Rail by walking across level crossings while the barriers are closing.

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Gap at Selby track "caused by staffing cuts"

RMT say a crack near Selby, due to staffing cuts, has crumbled to a much bigger gap.

RMT claim there is massive pressure from the Government to keep the East Coast Mainline running, as they look to re-privatise the service. They say there are also demands on Network Rail from the budget-holder, the Office of Rail Regulation, to cut back on rail renewals work.

Gap in rail track could be "another Hatfield"

Crack in East Coast Mainline which a union say could cause an accident Credit: RMT

Rail union RMT say there could be "another Hatfield" after releasing a picture of a six inch gap in the East Coast Mainline track near Selby.

An investigation's been launched by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch after the picture was taken last Friday at Hambleton South junction, and the union says it is due to staffing cuts.

An investigation found the Hatfield crash - which killed four people when a train travelling from London to Leeds derailed in 2000- was caused by "critical cracks" on the track.


Network Rail: "Defect" causing disruption

Network Rail says a rail "defect" is causing delays because of emergency engineering work which is affecting trains on the east coast mainline between Doncaster and York.

At the moment we are only able to accommodate two East Coast trains in each direction per hour. Cross Country services are unable to call at Doncaster. Hull Trains are running via Goole. Other services are subject to some delay as a result of this incident.

– Network Rail spokeswoman

“Our engineers are on site and we will restore full services as quickly as possible. Passengers are advised to check their journey with National Rail Enquiries.”


Rail improvements will make connections faster

Phil Verster, Network Rail's Route Managing Director for London North Eastern, the route which connects the capital with the Calendar region, says the plans for improvements to the network will make connections between northern cities faster and more efficient.

Key items in the plan include the new Rail Operating Centre in York which is already being built which will allow us to consolidate our signalling and improve efficiency. The Northern Hub development and electrification will deliver more frequent, faster, greener connections between our northern cities.

– Phil Verster, Network Rail

Rail improvements 'a boost to business'

Metro Chairman Cllr James Lewis says investment in the region's rail infrastructure will make West Yorkshire a better place to do business. Network Rail wants to create a hub in York worth £560 million to increase the number of services in the north of England by 700 services per day.

Platform lengthening, changes to Huddersfield Rail Station and the ability to run more services east of Leeds to relieve pressure on Leeds Rail Station will all help to meet the forecast increase in the number of rail journeys made each year. These developments will build upon the work Metro is already carrying out to develop new stations at Apperley Bridge, Kirkstall Forge and Low Moor.

– Cllr James Lewis, Metro Chairman

"Further afield, the commitment to complete the Northern Hub proposals at Manchester, together with trans-Pennine electrification and improvements to the East Coast Main Line will all help to make West Yorkshire a better place to do business in.

"Metro will work hard with our industry partners to ensure that these vital schemes are fully funded and included in the next Network Rail five-year funding period, starting in 2014, and that we can continue this work through the Yorkshire Rail Network Study in the medium term."

Investment in regional rail

There are plans for a multi-million pound investment into rail improvements across the region.

Network Rail wants to create a hub in York worth £560 million to increase the number of services in the north of England by 700 services per day.

They also believe this will create 20,000 jobs and will lead to shorter journey times.

Some of the plans include:

  • Doubling Dore junction and Calder Valley journey time improvement
  • Electrifying the trans-Pennine route, including Selby to Micklefield, and introducing new, more reliable and faster trains connectivity to address key bottlenecks
  • Leeds station new platforms to improve capacity
  • Harrogate station capacity
  • New turnback facility at Micklefield
  • Tram Train pilot connecting to Sheffield Supertram.
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