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Protestors fear healthcare will only be available to rich

Protestor calls for an end to NHS cuts

Leeds Hospital Alert say 80% of England's hospitals are already in financial deficit and struggling to cope with rising demand. They are expected to reduce hospital admissions and send patients into 'the community' while the share of the health budget for GPs has been cut, spending on social care slashed by 20%, and the number of district nurses halved in the last ten years

"We must not allow a return to pre July 5th 1948 when only the rich could afford health care. It is our NHS. We must make crystal clear at the election that the NHS is not for sale."

– Beatrice Rogers, Chair of Leeds Hospital Alert


Victims of 'tainted blood' scandal still seeking justice

Thousands of people who were infected with deadly diseases during routine blood transfusions a quarter of a century ago are fighting for justice.

The tainted blood scandal has been described as one of the biggest disasters of the NHS. Those affected are awaiting the publication of a report, which they hope will finally give them both the answers and the recognition they've been looking for.

Some contracted HIV - others Hepatitis C.

One of those with hepatitis C is Glenn Wilkinson from Hull. Tomorrow he will be in Edinburgh where the results of the six-year long inquiry will be released.

This report from James Webster includes photos showing the medical effects of Mr Wilkinson's condition:

NHS whistleblower: report doesn't go far enough

The most senior NHS whistleblower has said a major new report into the problem, published today, doesn't go anywhere near far enough. Gary Walker, the former Chief Executive of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, who lost his job five years ago before speaking out, says not enough is being done to tackle those who victimise staff who voice their concerns.

The Freedom to Speak Up report was written by the QC Sir Robert Francis who says the NHS needs to undergo a culture change when it comes to whistleblowing. Those who do speak out, he says, often find themselves in a "toxic mix of grievance and disciplinary action" from their bosses.

He's laid out 20 principles and wants freedom to speak up guardians in every hospital and an independant national officer to review complaints. He says something needs to happen now.


Second day of NHS strike action

Today is the second day of action for NHS staff in our region - including midwives, who walked out on strike for the first time ever yesterday in a row over pay.

Today, union members from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will follow yesterday's four-hour walk-out with four days of "work to rule".

Tony Pearson, from Unison Yorkshire and Humberside, explains that it is to demonstrate NHS workers often work through their breaks.

Trade unions want a 1% pay rise for all NHS staff, but the government says that will cost too much.

NHS workers strike over pay

Thousands of staff working for the NHS across the region today joined a four hour strike in a protest over pay. There were pickets and rallys outside hospitals in Hull, Lincoln and Sheffield.

The action followed a government decision not to award a one per cent pay rise to all NHS workers which was recommended by an independent body.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the government needs to ensure any future decision on pay wouldn't lead to nurses being laid off.

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