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Chuckle Brothers get in the groove with Tinchy Stryder

Calendar's favourite children’s duo, The Chuckle Brothers, have been 'getting down with the kids' and playing around in the recording studio with the grime artist Tinchy Stryder.

This is how you do it boys
Is this OK Tinchy?

It's led to speculation there could be a Christmas single in the offing from the unlikely collaborators.

Mild weather leads to bigger spiders

Mild autumn weather might be welcomed by those who want to hang onto the summer - but it brings with complications for those who are scared of creepy crawlies. Particularly the eight-legged variety.

Spiders have been hitting the headlines over the last few days, after reports more of them have been seen heading in to our homes.

And that is not all; they appear to be getting bigger. Sally Simmonds reports.


Spiders set to invade region's homes

50% of us are said to be scared of spiders Credit: Press Association

The mild summer weather means there will be an increase of spiders this autumn.

The eight-legged critters have had plenty of insects to eat - and now, they're heading indoors to mate.

Most are harmless house spiders, males on the hunt for females. The mating season starts now and carries on until December. Experts, though, say they are good to have in the house as they keep your insects down.

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