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New measures will force schools to play part in terrorism crackdown

New measures are to be brought in which will force schools, councils and prisons in the region to play their part in the crackdown on terrorism.

The Home Secretary's announcement came ahead of a new bill to be introduced in parliament later this week, and at a time when the UK's terror threat level is at severe.

Police forces across the region are playing their part in raising awareness and enocuraging people to be vigilant, especially in crowded places and on public transport. Frazer Maude reports.

Yorkshire Ambulance thank staff for safe service during strike

NHS workers from 11 trade unions - including nurses, midwives and paramedics, staged a four hour walkout this morning.

Pickets were outside hospitals across the region from 7am including ones in Leeds, Lincoln and Bradford. The industrial action is over a pay dispute, and follows a strike involving thousands of workers last month.

Liz Furness from the Royal College of Midwives explained the importance of the strike.

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May unveils new anti-radicalisation laws

Schools, prisons and councils will be required by law to crackdown on terrorism or face a court order, the Home Secretary has announced.

Theresa May said measures to be put in place included extremist speaker policies in universities.

If organisations fail in their statutory duty "ministers will be able to issue directions to them, which will be enforceable by court order", she added.

New legislation will also ban insurance companies from footing the bill for terrorist ransoms.

And Terrorism Prevention and Investigations Measures (TPims) will be strengthened to re-introduce powers to relocate terror suspects around the country.

Since April 2010, 753 people have been arrested for terrorism-related offences, 212 have been charged and 148 have been successfully prosecuted.

A total of 138 people have been jailed for terror offences while 13, including hook-handed radical cleric Abu Hamza, have been extradited. A further 84 "hate preachers" have been excluded.


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'Around 40 terror plots in Britain foiled since 7/7'

Home Secretary Theresa May.

Around 40 terror plots to attack Britain have been foiled since 7/7, the Home Secretary revealed today.

Theresa May said plans to stage a Mumbai-style atrocity, blow up the London Stock Exchange, bring down airliners and assassinate a British ambassador were among those stopped by the police and intelligence services.

But she added: "As the IRA once boasted, the terrorists only have to be lucky once."

Launching the start of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week, Ms May described IS as "one of the most serious threats we face" but said is not the only terror group Britain is at risk from.

She said: "This is a struggle which is being fought on many fronts and in many forms. It is a struggle that will go on for many years.

"And the threat we face right now is perhaps greater than it ever has been - we must have the powers we need to defend ourselves."

NHS workers take to the picket line in Lincoln

NHS workers from Lincoln county hospital on strike Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Around 50 NHS workers from Lincoln County hospital joined a national strike today Monday November 24, 2014, in a dispute over pay.

The workers were from three unions and were on the picket line for fours.

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