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Royal Armouries Museum to commemorate Battle of the Somme

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds is planning to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the Battle of the Somme which saw almost half a million British soldiers lose their lives.

Yorkshire suffered more casualties than any other region in the country.

The museum is using re-enactors to bring the conditions and recollections of soldiers to life.


Women protest at 'unfair' raising of retirement age

Thousands gather in London

Women from local branches of a pension campaign group have been protesting in London today.

Women Against State Pension Inequality, or WASPI, are campaigning against the Government's raising of their retirement age. Women who were expecting to retire at 60 have now been told they will have to wait until they are 66.

Women 'robbed' of pensions

But these campaigners from Yorkshire say they haven't had time to prepare themselves financially.


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