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Baby sharks to make their new home in Scarborough

Two shark babies will arrive at their new home in Scarborough today Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

Two shark babies - both a little over six months old - will arrive at their new home Scarborough Sea Life Centre today.

Born in Germany last summer, the baby blacktip reef sharks were among the first dozen produced in a pioneering Europe-wide Sea Life breeding programme.

Though currently not endangered, some localised colonies of blacktips have been wiped out by the shark-finning industry.

Marine experts believe Sea Life's programme could prove invaluable if captive bred blacktips are needed for future reintroduction to the wild.

"They are an unrelated male and female and the hope is that when they reach sexual maturity in four or five years, they will produce second-generation captive bred offspring, which would confirm captive breeding as a realistic safety net for this species", said displays supervisor Lyndsey Crawford.

They will be joined in the new-look ocean display, complete with simulated coral reef and shipwreck, and a pair of bonnethead sharks.

Calder Valley MP calls for help for flood hit businesses

The Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker is leading calls for flood-hit businesses to be given help to insure their properties.

Craig Whittaker spoke in a debate in Parliament last night about the difficulties businesses are facing. Simon Waring is himself an insurance broker but can't now get cover. Mr Whittaker said it's a wider problem affecting many in the area:

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