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Mild weather leads to bigger spiders

Mild autumn weather might be welcomed by those who want to hang onto the summer - but it brings with complications for those who are scared of creepy crawlies. Particularly the eight-legged variety.

Spiders have been hitting the headlines over the last few days, after reports more of them have been seen heading in to our homes.

And that is not all; they appear to be getting bigger. Sally Simmonds reports.


Inflatable mascot stolen

Trusty Credit: North Yorkshire Police

The search is on for a large inflatable mascot which has been stolen from a motor industry event in Harrogate.

The mascot, called Trusty, was taken between 6.30pm and 9.30pm on the evening of 16 September. It was taken from outside Harrogate football club on Wetherby Road it was used to promote the event which took place inside.

Trusty was attached to a power supply and contained a fan which kept it inflated. It cost around £2,500.

The inflatable is quite large and of a distinctive design. It would not be of any use to anyone other than the organisation it was intended for. Also, anyone attempting to remove it would have been visible to any passers-by. It’s possible that people who saw it being taken didn’t think anything suspicious was happening. I urge anyone who has any information about the theft, to contact the police as soon as possible.

– PC Peter Taylforth of Harrogate Safer Neighbourhood Team

Horse stabbed five times put to sleep

The horse was found loose on Murton Way, Osbaldwick Credit: RSPCA

A horse has been put to sleep after being stabbed five times.

The piebald cob gelding, who was approximately three-years-old, was roaming loose in Osbaldwick, York, this morning.

RSPCA inspectors said he was put to sleep at the scene following vet advice to prevent further suffering.

The horse had previously been tethered Credit: RSPCA

He was wearing a head-collar and tether strap so had been tethered and either released or had escaped from it.

The owner of the horse has not yet been identified.

Anyone with any specific information about this terrible incident should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for RSPCA inspector Claire Mitchell.

– RSPCA spokesperson
Inspectors identified five separate wounds Credit: RSPCA


Police investigate as festival organisation placed in administration

Police have confirmed they are investigating after the organisers of a North Yorkshire Festival said the company had been placed in administration.

Galtres Festival Trading Ltd, which runs an event in Helmsley in August, is organising a meeting of creditors to formalise voluntary liquidation.

On the company's website it states it has significant liabilities, which are made up of loans to the company, trade creditors, and sums owed to staff and performers. Trade creditors include suppliers, caterers and stallholders.

Despite developing an excellent reputation for being a high quality event, the festival has not succeeded in attracting sufficient numbers of attendees to meet its costs.

It is perhaps symptomatic that the first interest ever shown in our event over ten years by some regional and national media is to report on its apparent demise.

The context of the decision to proceed with each year’s festival was a thorough analysis of performance figures, projections and costs. In each case the directors involved firmly believed the decision was the right one, both for the creditors and for the festival itself. Several people close to the festival business injected personal funds to support the company. A dedicated team worked tirelessly to put on and promote an even better festival. They were committed to running a wonderful event which delivered against its strong values, which covered its costs, and which contributed to repaying liabilities from previous years. But bewilderingly, despite the highly positive feedback, attendances did not grow at the required rate. It would be hard to question the quality of the event, which has been said by media and attendees to rival the likes of Glastonbury, but despite that it didn’t generate the sales it deserved and needed.

– Spokesperson for Galtres Festival Trading Ltd

Spiders set to invade region's homes

50% of us are said to be scared of spiders Credit: Press Association

The mild summer weather means there will be an increase of spiders this autumn.

The eight-legged critters have had plenty of insects to eat - and now, they're heading indoors to mate.

Most are harmless house spiders, males on the hunt for females. The mating season starts now and carries on until December. Experts, though, say they are good to have in the house as they keep your insects down.

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