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UK Coal secures funding for managed pit closures

UK Coal has confirmed that it has secured funding for the managed closure of its deep mining business in the region.

Kellingley Colliery Credit: ITV Calendar

The deal includes a commercial loan of £4m from government as well as support from other partners which will allow the company to safely close Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire and Thoresby Colliery in north Nottinghamshire.

Andrew Mackintosh, Communications Director, said:

“This is a day of very mixed emotions, but it was critical that we managed to avoid insolvency and the immediate collapse of the business. We are very grateful for the support we have been given and this deal does not prevent fresh investment in the company, even at this late stage.

Thoresby Colliery, Nottinghamshire Credit: ITV Calendar

“We would like to thank the government, our people, our customers, suppliers and other interested parties for all of their support and will work with them to ensure a smooth transition in the coming months.”

They added that they are now seeking state aid to preserve the pits long term.

Ryder Cup tees off with Westwood hoping to impress

The Ryder Cup will take place at Gleneagles over the weekend with Europe looking to retain the trophy they won at Medina two years ago.

And for Europe's most decorated player, Worksop's Lee Westwood, it will be a ninth appearance.

Chris Dawkes caught up with Lee at his last competition, the Wales Open, before heading up to Scotland:


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VIDEO: Forty activists released after blocking coal train

40 protesters detained by police after they stopped and climbed on a coal train in Nottinghamshire have been released.

The Greenpeace activists blocked the 400-metre freight train on sidings leading to Cottam power station for ten hours yesterday after flagging it down using the stopping signals.

A life-size polar bear puppet was used to stop the train from moving.

British Transport Police have confirmed they arrested 3 activists and spoke with 37 others.

A life-size polar bear puppet was used to stop the train from moving. Credit: Greenpeace UK


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Investigation after Greenpeace activists occupy coal train

Investigations will begin today into how a group of climate change protestors managed to stop a freight train loaded with coal.

50 Greenpeace activists managed to stop and occupy the coal train Credit: Greenpeace UK

50 Greenpeace activists boarded the train yesterday as it was heading to Cottam Power Station near Retford.

They stopped the train for eight hours before being detained by police.

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Activists on freight train 'detained by the police'

A group of climate change activists, who seized a freight train carrying 1,500 tonnes of coal in Nottinghamshire, have been detained by police, according to Greenpeace UK on twitter.

Greenpeace releases photos of train occupation

Greenpeace has released its own photos showing how fifty climate change activists stopped and occupied a freight train delivering 1,500 tonnes of coal to what they claim is one of Britain’s most polluting power stations.

Activists on train Credit: Greenpeace

Their action comes as David Cameron prepares to attend a high-profile climate summit in New York later today.

The activists used industry-standard emergency signals to flag down the 400-metre-long coal train as it was slowing down along rail sidings leading to Cottam power station in Nottinghamshire.

They claim the main coal supply route to the plant, which is run by French energy giant EDF, has now been cut off.

Stopping coal delivery Credit: Greenpeace
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