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Asylum seeker Odette released on bail

Odette Sefuko - released on bail Credit: Calendar news

An Sheffield asylum seeker who claims she was the victim of torture and rape by Congolese police has been released from a detention centre. Odette Sefuko, who was released on bail from Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire, was due to be deported to Uganda earlier this month.

But the Home Office suspended her removal pending a possible judicial review. Campaigners in Sheffield held a protest in February against the UK Border Agency's decision to deport Sefuko to Uganda despite UN expert evidence that she is from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

supporters rally round Credit: Calendar news

Deportation decision deferred

A decision on whether a Sheffield asylum seeker should be deported to Uganda has been deferred. Odette Sefuko was to be flown back to Africa tonight but campaigners fighting to keep her in the UK have been in court today to ask for the right to appeal against the UK Border Agency's decision.

The deferment is to wait for results of DNA tests to prove her identity. Her supporters now hope she will be allowed back to Sheffield on bail. Odette is currently being held at a detention centre near Bedford.