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Police: Our ultimate goal is safeguarding children

The Assistant Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police has been speaking about his force's involvement in the national Operation Tharsley, cracking down on people who download indecent images of children:

Our ultimate goal here is safeguarding children in Lincolnshire. Every time we identify an adult with a sexual interest in children, not only are we able to bring that offender to justice, but we are also able to work with our partners in Children's Services and other organisations to ensure that every child with a connection to that adult is safeguarded. We do go that extra mile in Lincolnshire in terms of tackling this issue. Our ... officers work tirelessly every day to bring offenders to justice and make sure your children are safe.

– Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister, Lincolnshire Police

Child porn operation: Lincolnshire police raids

Lincolnshire Police have taken part in a national crackdown on people downloading indecent images of children. A 40 year old man was arrested for alleged indecent image offences at an address near Lincoln. A search warrant also led to the arrest of a 57 year old man in a village near Sleaford.

Last year the Internet Child Abuse Team, made up of six detectives, recovered computers containing more than 5 million child abuse images, a significant increase on the 1.5 million seized the previous year. Officers say this increase is partly down to their ability to better detect such crimes.


Arrests in child porn operation

Arrests have been made across our region as part of a two-day national crackdown on people downloading indecent images of children, coordinated by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

Nationally more than 40 police forces have been involved in Operation Tharsley. In our region, raids have taken place in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire. Arrests have been made, properties searched and computer equipment seized.

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