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Statement from Paragon Quality Foods

Paragon Quality foods have released a statement after it was found some of the

beefburgers they supplied to a chain of hotels have been found to contain horse meat. It reads as follows:

  • "Paragon Quality foods only buys beef from licensed and approved EU suppliers.
  • Since the outbreak of the “horse meat scandal” in the European supply chain, we have carried out extensive testing for equine in our burgers all of which were clear to date, with the exception one product, which is still being investigated.
  • Independently a number of our customers in the UK and Europe have also tested our products and to date all results were clear.
  • Paragon have never knowingly bought or handled equine meat products. All our records are available for scrutiny to our customers and FSA officials."

This is a supply chain problem across Europe due to the adulteration of raw material by criminal elements. As a key beef burger manufacturer the integrity of our product is paramount. We have therefore decided to implement an industry leading system of positive release of all products as from Monday 18th February 2013.

– Spokesman, Paragon Quality Foods Ltd