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Bradford cheerleaders £8,000 of European Championship dream

A cheerleading group from Bradford, who were crowned world champions three years ago, say a lack of money means they may miss the chance to compete in Europe.

The Jewels all have learning difficulties and disabilities.

They have raised £12,000 for the trip to Paris, but are short of another £8,000.

Finding the money would also give some of the team their first trip abroad.

Sarah Clark went to see them rehearse:


Disabled cheerleaders could miss out on Paris championships due to funding shortage

A disabled cheerleading group from Bradford, who were crowd world champions 3 years ago, say a lack of funds means they can't afford to compete in the European championships in Paris in three weeks time.

The Jewels in training for the European Championships

The Jewels have already raised over £12,000 for the cost of the trip but are short by £8,000. They are now hoping the cash can be found and the trip can go ahead.

The team is made up of 17 members, age between 20 and 59.

For some of the group, the trip would be their first time abroad, and the chance to show off their talents in front of thousands.