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Motorists vow to fight hike in parking permits

Drivers living close to the centre of Hull are vowing to fight plans by the city council to raise prices for parking permits outside their own homes.

Councillors are considering proposals which would see a four hundred per cent rise in some permits while other residents who until now have parked for free may also have to pay. Lisa Adlam has more.

Hull parking charges could be quadrupled

Some people in Hull could have their annual parking charges quadrupled under new council proposals.

Residents near the KC were told they would not pay for parking

Residents in areas around the city centre, Newington, St Andrews and roads off Holderness Road might have their fee raised from £7.50 to £33.

Elsewhere, people living near the KC Stadium will have charges introduced for the first time.

They do not currently pay anything because of the disruption caused on match days.

The council says it is "looking at the city's parking strategy and as such a number of options and proposals have been prepared and as yet no decisions have been made through the Council's decision making process."

Councillor Claire Thomas told ITV Calendar: "It's simply wrong to start charging people 400 per cent more to park outside their house."


Parking problems during Sheffield Children's Hospital revamp

Parking problems are anticipated at Sheffield Children's Hospital

Hospital bosses have warned there will be no parking at Sheffield Children's Hospital for a full year when the £40m development work starts on January 6.

The revamp will bring improved facilities including a new outpatients department, more modern wards and a new main reception area.

Sheffield University’s new multi-storey car park on the corner of Clarkson Street and Glossop Road, opposite the hospital, is also due for completion by the end of next year.

But the upheaval means there will be no space for people to leave their cars at the children’s hospital for around a year from January 14, with access limited to picking-up and dropping-off patients or staff.

Free Saturday parking in Halifax to end

Parking charges in Calderdale will change - as the council start advertising a series of Traffic Regulation Orders - which include taking away free parking in Halifax on Saturdays.

A maximum charge of £3 will be enforced Monday to Friday at High Street, North Bridge, Cross Hills, King Street, Hanover Street, Victoria Street, Union Street and Prescott Street in the town. Calderdale Council say this would save people who park all day up to £2 per day.

An evening charge will now apply until 8pm, not 6pm.

A £1 charge will now be made on Saturdays at Cross Hills, Victoria Street, High Street and Mulcture Hall Road. Free parking will still be offered in all of the above four car parks on Saturdays in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.


Anger over parking charges

There's anger in Leeds at plans to charge drivers up to £70 a year for a parking permit.

Some residents are accusing the council of using them to plug a black hole in its finances.

The council says its facing unprecedented budget constraints.

We certainly don’t underestimate the part that parking has to play in the economy of our vibrant city centre, however we’ve reached a financial point where we have to do things differently.”

– Councillor Mark Dobson, speaking last month

Council says wardens urged to take 'common sense approach'

Lincolnshire County Council says its parking officers are urged to take a 'common sense approach' when issuing tickets. It follows claims from a Lincoln man that he was issued a parking ticket on his own drive for overhanging yellow lines on the road by one inch.

"Mr Wilson has appealed against his ticket, so we will be investigating this. We usually have a decision in around 14 working days. If we find Mr Wilson has been penalised in error we will of course cancel his ticket. Wardens are not paid per ticket or have any other incentives, nor are we making any profit from this service."

– Lincolnshire County Council Statement

Lincoln man given parking ticket on his own drive

Andrew Wilson claims his van was overhanging lines by one inch Credit: Andrew Wilson

A window cleaner has accused Lincolnshire County Council of 'milking motorists for money', after being given a parking ticket on his own drive.

Andrew Wilson claims his van was sticking out by around an inch over the yellow lines at the time. The council says it's now investigating his appeal.

Parents parking near schools targeted by police

Police in Doncaster are targeting parents who park irresponsibly outside schools when they drop off or pick up their children this January.

It follows a similar operation last year, set up as a result of feedback from the public, school, councillors and local MP, Caroline Flint.

he manner of parking around schools was causing problems for people trying to get to their homes, was making roads unsafe for children to cross and stopping the flow of traffic.

This month officers will be issuing fixed penalty tickets for causing obstructions and parking illegally on zig zag lines.

We have listened to the concerns from the community and have conducted high-visibility patrols outside Doncaster schools to show the dangers to the motorists who park indiscriminately.

“We hope people realise the issues they sometimes cause and know that we will act in the future, with council colleagues, to issue tickets to keep school staff, pupils and pedestrians safe.

– Acting Sergeant Paul Setterfield, Adwick Safer Neighbourhood Team
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