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Chief Constable investigation

The Chief Constable and Greater Manchester Police, Sir Peter Fahy, has been appointed as investigating officer to look into a potential conduct matter concerning the Temporary Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, Neil Rhodes.

I am pleased to appoint Sir Peter Fahy to conduct an independent and rigorous investigation and I look forward to receiving his findings in due course.”

– Alan Hardwick, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire

Police Commissioner voters 'lacked information'

Police and Crime Commissioner elections were held in November. Credit: PA Wire

Voters in last year's elections for police and crime commissioners 'lacked information', a report by electoral staff found today.

Electoral administrators said they were faced with high volumes of enquiries and complaints from members of the public about the elections held last November.

Information was not readily accessible and was not well co-ordinated at a national level, the Association of Electoral Administrators found.

But a Home Office spokeswoman said: "More than five million people turned out to vote for the first ever election of police and crime commissioners, giving them an infinitely bigger mandate than the unelected and invisible police authorities they replaced.

"That number will only grow in the future as people see the real impact PCCs are already making in their areas, delivering on public priorities in tackling crime."


West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner steps down as councillor

The newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire is stepping down as a councillor in Castleford. Mark Burns-Williamson says his new role means he no longer has the time to devote to the job. In a letter to Wakefield Council he says it is now right and proper for him to step down:

Without the continued support and the hard work of many in the community I would not have been able to serve for nearly 15 years. I am proud to have had the privilege to work with others to achieve so much for our community. As Police and Crime Commissioner, I will continue to serve the people of Castleford and Glasshoughton and communities across West Yorkshire and I look forward to working closely with you to ensure people across the District have the policing and community safety that is right for them and their communities.

– Mark Burns-Williamson

Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner plans savings

Lincolnshire's new Police and Crime Commissioner has told Calendar he already has plans to save half a million pounds within his own office, without making any job cuts.

Alan Hardwick, who has several members of staff working for him, says any money he manages to save will be put straight back into local policing. Mr Hardwick also had a meeting with the Home Secretary earlier this week where he asked for more money for rural policing.


Returning Officer: "We want everyone to use their vote"

Voters have been urged to head to the polls in two weeks time to elect West Yorkshire's first Police and Crime Commissioner.

Chief Constables will continue to direct and control police forces, but newly-elected Police Commissioners will be responsible for holding them to account.

The Returning Officer for the West Yorkshire Police Area, Joanne Roney, said she wanted "everyone to use their vote".

This is the first time people will vote for a police and crime commissioner for their area.

If you’re not sure what you are voting for, please take the time to read the leaflet that came through your door and visit the Electoral Commission and Home Office websites, we want everyone to use their vote on November 15.

– Joanne Roney, Returning Officer for the West Yorkshire Police Area
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