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West Yorkshire Police Federation warns of 'devastating consequences' from funding cuts

West Yorkshire Police Federation says the public is being put at risk due to the "devastating consequences" of multi-million pound cuts to policing budgets in West Yorkshire.

The force has lost almost 1000 officers over the past five years and says it "needs boots on the ground if we want to fight crime and keep the public safe."

The federation has released a video highlighting what it fears will be the consequences of £163 million cuts to the West Yorkshire Police budget. Chris Kiddey reports

We have chosen to run this information and awareness campaign because we believe the public have a right to know what the £163 million cuts to the policing budget mean. That crime is not falling; it is changing. That cuts have consequences. We face the pressures of terrorism, child sexual exploitation, safeguarding and vulnerability issues, cybercrime as well as traditional crimes and duties officers have to perform. Officers are not fools and neither are the public. Political rhetoric about reducing bureaucracy, new IT, new powers have not reduced demand sufficiently, if at all. You still need boots on the ground if you want to fight crime and keep the public safe.

– Nick Smart, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation

Increase in Lincolnshire council tax to support police precept

Council tax payers in Lincolnshire will soon be paying more to safeguard policing levels in the county. A recommendation by the Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick for a 1.95% increase in the police precept was accepted by the county's Police and Crime panel earlier which voted unanimously for the increase. It means on average residents will pay around seven pence a week more. Mr Hardwick says the money will guarantee the number of police officers and PCSO's can be kept at current levels.

Yorkshire forces fall silent for Paris victims

Police forces across Yorkshire have taken part in a moment's silence in memory of those who were killed in terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday.


Humberside Police staff vote to strike

Police Staff UNISON members in Humberside Police have voted ‘yes’ to strike action over pay along with Police Staff across the country.

Humberside Police staff vote to strike

Members in Humberside Police include 999 Call Handlers, Police Community Support Officers, Investigating Officers, Custody Detention Officers, Crime Scene Investigators, Enquiry Desk Officers, Catering Staff and many other wide ranging roles.

Police Staff members continue to take the brunt of this Government’s savage cuts to policing. 20% of Police Staff jobs have been lost since 2010 nationally – almost twice the percentage of Police Officer posts that have been cut.

UNISON is clear that holding back on pay in 2011 and 2012 did not save a single Police Staff job and the government’s austerity measures are set to keep on coming. Members have had enough.

Our members are dedicated members of the Police Service, but dedication alone is not paying the bills. The price of everything is going up around us, but our pay is not. Member’s income is worth 13% less than it was in 2010 and if this continues will be worth 30% less by 2018. This simply cannot go on.

– Harry Berry, Branch Secretary

The unacceptable offer of just 1% is reflective of this Governments total disregard for public sector workers. We now await the decision of the national Police Sector Committee to decide when we will take strike action and what form action short of strike action we will take, which could include a ban on overtime and call outs and working to rule

We want to be clear that nobody wants to take industrial action, but we feel we are left with no choice. We want the employer’s side to come back to the national negotiating table to improve the current offer”

– Tony Green, Assistant Branch Secretary

West Yorkshire Police to begin weapon amnesty

West Yorkshire Police is giving people the chance to hand over guns and other weapons.

Similar schemes have been set up by South Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire Police

The firearms amnesty starts tomorrow and lasts for ten days. People will be able to hand in weapons without facing prosecution.

Similar schemes have been set up by South Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire police.

Police fitness levels scrutinised in latest results

North Yorkshire Police have been found to have the highest fitness test failure rate in the country.

Police fitness levels under scrutiny

The College of Policing results show that the county's force had a failure rate of 16.2 per cent. Lancashire (6.4 per cent) and South Yorkshire (5.4 per cent) were second and third worst.

All officers are made to take a "bleep test" every year, incorporating a 15-meter run with less time in which to complete the distance as the trial progresses.

Humberside Police were one of just two forces which achieved a 100 per cent pass rate while Lincolnshire (99.5 per cent) and West Yorkshire (98 per cent) also scored highly.

North Yorkshire Police said in a statement that the latest results were a "small snapshot" of the force's results.

North Yorkshire Police

The actual pass rate for North Yorkshire Police officers who have taken the fitness test is 94.6 per cent. With1,153 officers passing the test out of 1,219 who have taken it so far. The results issued by the college today are taken from a small snapshot in time and include the results of only 74 tests. Fitness tests were introduced voluntarily in North Yorkshire ahead of the national recommendations coming into force in September 2014. Support, advice and encouragement will be provided to any officers who are struggling to reach the required fitness level. Health and fitness is important for everyone’s wellbeing, regardless of the their role and North Yorkshire Police encourages and supports all officers and staff who wish to improve their fitness.”

– Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy
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