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Pothole repairs are 'nonsensical and costly'

Constantly mending damaged roads, rather than dealing with potholes in a "planned and cost-effective way" is "nonsensical and costly to the country", AIA chairman Alan Mackenzie said.

The Department for Transport's potholes review was a welcome initiative and concluded that 'prevention is better than cure'.

When you add up all the costs incurred by not following this advice, it's hard to understand why central Government cannot find a way to invest in this much-needed work and save on higher costs in the future.

– Alan Mackenzie, Asphalt Industry Alliance chairman

£6.5m for Lincolnshire's potholes

Lincolnshire's roads will get a £6.5m boost to deal with potholes.

Lincolnshire County Council has announced it will invest the money over the next two years.

“Each year, Lincolnshire County Council invests nearly £50 million on repairs to maintain the county’s 5,500 miles of road. We have ten teams who are dedicated to reactive repairs. We run an emergency repairs service that aims to fix particularly bad pot holes within 24 hours, although it can be very difficult to repair them in wet or cold weather.

“Over the next two years, we’ll invest a further £6.5 million to renew, repair and extend the life of roads across Lincolnshire. The extra funding will enable us to carry out more preventative work on our roads, so we can fix potholes before they even appear. We will also aim to deliver more first-time fixes.

“We encourage the public to report potholes to us so we can prioritise and schedule them for repair."

– Councillor William Webb, Executive Member for Highways and Transportation


£600,000 compensation bill for Leeds' potholes

Potholed road in Leeds Credit: Sarah Clark

Leeds City Council has paid out more than £600,000 compensation claims caused by potholes in the last five years. More than 1,600 claims were lodged during that time - but only a fraction have actually been settled.

Last year, 355 claims were made by drivers for personal injury claims or car repairs - but only 55 have been settled. In 2010, one injury claim attracted more than twenty six thousand pounds.

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