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Councillors add their backing to smoking campaign

Councillors have added their backing to a new smoking campaign aimed at reducing the number of women who smoke while pregnant in Sheffield.

“Being pregnant can be one of the most rewarding times in a woman’s life and there is no doubt new parents want the best start possible for their babies. I am sure everyone knows the health risks associated with smoking when pregnant – to mothers and of course their babies. But we know it can be really hard to quit smoking, especially if it is something you have done for a long time. Having someone to support you with this process really does help."

– Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families


New mum gives backing to smoking campaign

New mums have given their backing to a Sheffield health campaign, aimed at reducing the number of women smoking while pregnant. Figures show one in five are smoking at delivery stage in some parts of the city.

“I think for me it is having someone to talk to and someone to understand what I’m going through. If I had that the first time I tried to stop, if I had somebody motivating me I would of kept off the cigarettes.”

– Nicola Baines, from Hillsborough

New smoking campaign targets pregnant women

Stop smoking campaign targeting pregnant women Credit: PA

New mums are leading a health campaign aimed at reducing the number women smoking while pregnant in Sheffield. In some parts of the city one in five mums are still smoking at delivery stage.

The programme aims to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking while pregnant as well as offering help and support to those trying to quit.

Health Minster visits hospital to meet BMI nurses

Working out Body Mass Index Credit: PA

The Health Minister Anna Soubry is visiting Doncaster Royal Infirmary today to meet specialist midwives who look after pregnant women with high Body Mass Index.

The clinic was launched three years ago to support women who struggle to maintain their healthy eating habits and are therefore more at risk of developing complications during pregnancy.