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Jimmy Savile 'could be stripped of knighthood' says Prime Minister

Speaking on Daybreak this morning, Prime Minister David Cameron said Jimmy Savile could be posthumously stripped of his knighthood, following allegations of sexual abuse. He said it should be considered by a Whitehall committee.

His comments follow an announcement by the BBC that they will launch an investigation. The TV presenter and fundraiser died last year but it is only now that a growing number of women have come forward claiming he sexually abused them.

These stories are deeply, deeply

troubling and I hope that every organisation that has responsibilities will have

a proper investigation into what happened, and if these things did happen, and

how they were allowed to happen, and then of course everyone has to take their


– David Cameron, speaking on ITV1 Daybreak


Seven new 'Free Schools' set for Yorkshire and Humber

More than 100 new free schools have been approved to open in England over the

coming years, Prime Minister David Cameron announced today. Seven of those will be in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

'Free Schools' are state-funded but independent of local authorities. They are established by groups including parents, teachers, faith groups and charities and have powers to decide how they spend their budgets and set their own curriculum, teaching hours and term-times.

But teaching unions have claimed that they adversely affect neighbouring schools when they open in areas with no shortage of spaces.

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