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Happy Birthday Prince Charles from York

The salute in York Credit: MoD

A 21-gun Royal Salute in York marked the 65th birthday of The Prince of Wales today.

Military music filled the streets as the Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band marched from Duncombe Place, near York Minster, to the Museum Gardens attracting crowds of shoppers, visitors and schoolchildren.

The salute was fired on the stroke of noon by three 105 mm Light Guns fired by officers and soldiers of 93 Battery 5th Regiment Royal Artillery. 5th Regiment Royal Artillery or the Yorkshire Gunners as the unit is known, is based in Marne Barracks, Catterick.


Prince Charles spends day in Yorkshire before meeting his grandson

Prince Charles put his royal duties before family ties and celebrations today and kept all his diary dates with expectant crowds from the outskirts of York right across to Bridlington.

As the world waited for the first glimpse of Kate and William and the Prince of Cambridge - Charles and Camilla were tucking into fish and chips and crab cakes on the east coast.

Kate's parents Carole, and her father Michael who was born in Leeds, have already visited their grandson, describing him as "absolutely beautiful"

Tina Gelder has been following the royal party across the region.


Crowds speculate about name for royal baby

Mavis Wegg and granddaughter Melissa, Shane Maxwell and daughter Sasha wait for Prince Charles and Camilla to arrive

Mavis Wegg said "It's wonderful news, they're such a nice couple, so sensible and very natural. I'm really looking forward to seeing them."

Her 10-year-old granddaughter Melissa said she's excited, although she did admit she'd like to have seen a baby girl. She thinks the baby will be called James.

Shane Maxwell said "It's not often you get to see royalty after a baby's been born. In Will and Kate we've found a couple in touch with the younger generation like myself and they're bringing about a more modern monarchy."

Elizabeth Bacon said, "I've not seen much royalty in my time.To see Charles and Camilla so soon after baby's been born is so exciting. It's great that they've here in Yorkshire today."

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'Morning Grandad': Resident's greeting to Prince Charles

During Prince Charles visit to Bugthorpe in East Yorkshire today, local resident Robert Barrett was one of the first to greet the Prince, saying "Morning Grandad".

This reportedly raised a chuckle from Charles. "He obviously likes being a grandad," Mr Barrett said.

A young boy also asked the Prince: "When's the little baby coming?" to which Charles replied: "We haven't been able to bring him yet."

Many people asked whether the new baby had a name, but Charles gave little away.

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