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Seven puppies stolen in burglary

Seven, 6-week old Poochon puppies have been stolen from a property in Doncaster.

Seven Poochon puppies stolen in Doncaster

The Poochon pups, a cross between the Poodle and Bichon Frise breed, were left with their mother in the property on Cusworth Lane for barely over an hour, between 10.50am and 12pm on May 27.

Seven Poochon puppies stolen in Doncaster

The house was broken into and all the puppies were stolen from their pen. It is not believed anything else was taken.The puppies are too young to be away from their mother and need to be returned for their safety and wellbeing.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact South Yorkshire Police.

Seven Poochon puppies stolen in Doncaster
Seven Poochon puppies stolen in Doncaster

Puppy burglary on increase

It's a crime that is on the increase - the theft of prized puppies that can be sold on for a small fortune.

One breeder in South Yorkshire thinks he's been targetted specifically by burglars who broke into his home near Bawtry and stole seven valuable Cocker Spaniel puppies. Chris Kiddey reports.


Puppies stolen in Hull

Police are appealing for information after puppies were stolen in Hull on Saturday.

Between 1am and 5.20am four five-week-old Cocker Spaniels were taken from a shed in a garden on Mickley Grove. The shed was being used for the mother and five puppies. The puppies are not fully weaned.

The owner is concerned for the puppies’ welfare in the circumstances and is anxious to have them reunited with their mother.

One is black and one golden. Another is golden coloured with a white spot on her neck and the fourth is golden with a white blaze on her head and four white toes.

Anyone who has any information in relation to this incident is asked to contact 101 quoting crime reference number 1973437.


Police puppies

The puppies will eventually help the police investigate crimes Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Here are two of the latest puppies bred by West Yorkshire Police. They will be soon be housed with families before later undergoing training to work with the force's officers.

Before training they will be housed with families to mature Credit: West Yorkshire Police