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Recycling services get £3.5m boost

Weekly recycling collections to include plastic and cardboard materials will be introduced in North East Lincolnshire after the council was successful in its bid for a £3.59m Government grant.

The money will also be invested into extra equipment, vehicles and collection crews and was awarded to North East Lincolnshire Council for their commitment to weekly collections for a minimum of five years.

The Government provided communities secretary Eric Pickles with £250m for his Weekly Collection Support Scheme, initially aimed at returning councils to a weekly service, but the criteria for bids were opened out to include a variety of different recycling schemes.

Recycling in Lincolnshire

Council bosses in Lincolnshire have started off a new campaign, encouraging people to recycle their waste properly, saying that just one item in a wrong bin means that the whole lot has to be sent to landfill.

They say while it is only a small minority of people who do not understand the system - it can have a major impact on keeping the system working as James Webster now reports.

North Kesteven reminds households what goes in which bin

Green-lidded recycling wheeled bin: Bottles and tops, jars, cans, tins, empty aerosol cans, clean foil, paper and cardboard, waxed drink cartons, yoghurt pots, ice cream and margarine tubs. NO: Electrical, nappies, food waste, carpets, textiles, batteries, wood, crisp packets, polystyrene.

Brown Wheeled Bin: Garden waste, grass, weeds, hedge cuttings, leaves, clean straw, flowers, plants, twigs and small branches, real Christmas trees (cut into small lengths). NO: Bags, food waste, ash,glass, bricks and hardcore, tree stumps, root balls, grass sods, household waste, soiledpet bedding.

Any waste items not included on the approved lists on resident's bin tags should be disposed of in the black wheeled bin for landfill disposal. North Kesteven District Council operates free collections of syringes and needles in sharps boxes by request.


Dead pheasant put out for recycling

A campaign is starting in Lincolnshire to remind people what they can and cannot recycle after a dead pheasant was found in one household's recycling.

Officials in North Kesteven say they have one of the best recycling rates in the country, at more than 50%, but they say a minority of people are putting the wrong items in the wrong bins. Food, syringes and dead animals have all been found in some green-lidded recycling bins.

Our recycling is hand sorted before being mechanically sorted hence we are reiterating the rules around recycling and repeated incidences of incorrect waste disposal might result in non-collection, to ensure the health and safety of staff. All the information residents need to deal with all their waste and recycling can be found on their bin tags, with additional information and assistance available via our website and hotline. Staff are also touring the district and will be in various Co-ops andsupermarkets across the district.

– Cllr Geoff Hazelwood, North Kesteven District Council

Recycling strike called off

Strikers in Sheffield Credit: Martin Fisher

A strike by staff at recycling plants in Sheffield has come to an end.

Union leaders have agreed a number of new terms and conditions with Sheffield City Council, Veolia and SOVA to end the industrial action at sites across the city.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste and Streetscene said:

“I am glad we have been able to work together to find a solution to this situation.

“Let’s be clear, if we hadn’t been hit with £55m of Government cuts we would never have been put in this position in the first place.

“Today we have reached an agreement with the unions which includes reviewing training and support to staff to raise skills among other things, which will ensure productivity continues.

“We know there are other issues which still need to be addressed, but we are keeping all channels of communication open to resolve these as quickly as possible to avert any further action.”

Recycling protest in Sheffield

Workers for the company that run recycling centres in Sheffield are staging a protest today.

It follows the company reducing its opening days and hours at five sites in the city, which has impacted on jobs and pay. It has meant workers are taking indefinite strike action.

Sova Recycling Ltd is part of the charity Sova, which supports vulnerable people into employment. Strikers are going to hand in a letter addressed to the charity's chief executive officer, Helen Cantrell, how they can put people in a vulnerable position because of the jobs situation.

The strikers will march with banners and placards to the Town Hall to ask the Councilo to stop the cuts and reinstate workers and opening hours. A petition with over 4,000 signatures will will also be handed over.

Recycling strike

Recycling workers in Sheffield are going on strike in a row over cuts to jobs, hours and pay.

SOVA Recycling Ltd workers will be joined by members of the GMB and Socialist Party and other supporters as they protest outside the Town Hall.

They are lobbying councillors against the cuts and calling on services, currently managed by private contractors, to be brought back in-house.

As part of the protest they wil have a blue recycling bin, with the slogan "Put the cuts in the bin".

Due to the strike action some of the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Sheffield will be closed until Friday 15 June. To minimise disruption SOVA Recycling Ltd has agreed to opening at least two sites during the industrial action. These are Longley Avenue West and Beighton Road in Woodhouse.

We've put plans in place to ensure the public can continue to dispose of household waste safely and responsibly. We're committed to keeping two of the five sites open throughout the current industrial action. Over the last few months Sova Recycling has been working hard, together with the council, Veolia and the GMB to reach a solution that minimises the impact on jobs and services to the public and we will continue to do so.

– Stephen Bennett, Operations Director for Sova Recycling

I would once again like to thank residents for their continued patience. As before, they will still be able to use two sites across the City. We obviously want to see an end to this action as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be in this position. I understand the strength of feeling from the staff who work in the recycling centres and their point has been made. Unfortunately the funding the Council receives from Government has been cut to such an extent that we had no other choice but to make these changes. If there was an alternative we would have already taken it.

– Councillor Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council
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