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New reservoir for Lincoln

The pumps to Lincolnshire's new mutli-million pound reservoir have finally been turned on.

It will take 3 months and the equivalent of 100 olympic size swimming pool of water to fill it but as Chris Newsome of Anglian Water explains once it's fully opened, it will potentially supply around one hundred million homes and businesses in the area.


Investing in reservoirs

Yorkshire Water is investing millions of pounds in new reservoirs that can hold enough drinking water to fill three Olympic swimming pools.

They are being brought in to replace outdated storage tanks and provide a reliable supply of clean water for homes across the county. Paul Burland reports.

Video: Children ignore the danger signs at Digley reservoir near Huddersfield

'Someone will die if people keep ignoring danger signs to put their lives at real risk by entering reservoir waters.' That's according to Yorkshire Water who is issuing a warning to people to stay out of its reservoirs as schools break-up and temperatures soar this week.

There was a narrow escape at Digley reservoir, near Huddersfield, for these two children. They were photographed playing right by the water's edge, after having climbed under a fence and ignored a danger sign.