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Richard III's relatives win cost order

Richard III's bones have caused controversy over where they should be buried Credit: Press Association

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has lost his High Court bid to stop distant relatives of Richard III having their costs protected if they lose their legal battle over where the monarch's remains should be reburied.

Lawyers for Mr Grayling argued that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

But a judge ruled today the relatives, who have formed the Plantagenet Alliance Ltd to fight for the remains to be buried at York Minster, are entitled to a protective costs order (PCO).

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ruled that he was satisfied that "it was, and is, appropriate, to grant a full PCO".

It is understood that loss of the PCO could have jeopardised the judicial review application going ahead.

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King Richard III's signature under the hammer

King Richard III's signature to be auctioned Credit: Nate D. Sanders

A document signed by King Richard III is to go under the hammer in an auction in Los Angeles, America.

Auctioneer, Nate D. Sanders say that approximately only 3 documents bearing the former King's signature have come to auction in the last 30 years.

The letter the signature is on Credit: Nate D. Sanders

It is expected to sell for around £50,000 - £82,000.

Comparatively, signed pictures and documents of Henry VIII appear in auctions frequently and fetch around £30,000.

The document that bears the former King's signature Credit: Nate D. Sanders


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Richard III reburial divides Leicester and York in Parliament

An MP from York has laid out the city's claim to the body of Richard III in Parliament today.

The monarch's remains are due to be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral, but campaigners in the former King's home of York, want him buried there.

Hugh Bayley MP for York Central, claims burying the king in York would reconcile the north and south of the country.

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House of Commons roars with laughter at Richard III joke

King Richard III made a cameo appearance in Prime Minister's questions today which made the House of Commons roar with laughter.

Michael McCann Labour MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow asked David Cameron: "Can the prime minister confirm Atos have declared Richard III for for work?"

Atos is a contractor used by the government to assess whether people claiming benefits are eligible for a job.

David Cameron replied that the case had not come his way, but hoped the discovery of Richard III would be a boost to the city of Leicester.

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The face of Richard III officially unveiled to the world's media

After centuries of speculation, the face of King Richard III has been unveiled

A reconstruction of the head of King Richard III has been unveiled to the world's media in London following yesterday's announcement that his skeleton had been found under a Leicester car park.

The model was built using a CT scan taken of the king's skull by the archaeological dig.

The unveiling is being held at The Society of Antiquaries in London.


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Richard III: How researchers know it is him

  • The skeleton had suffered severe trauma to the skull and had metal arrow in its back
  • It had a curved spine, consistent with accounts of Richard III's appearance
  • The remains were found in the area where the king was recorded to have been buried after his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.
  • DNA taken from the skeleton has been analysed and compared with that of Michael Ibsen, a descendant of Richard III's family.
  • Radiocarbon tests and genealogical studies have taken place
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