New lifeboat for Skegness

Skegness is getting a new lifeboat earlier than planned thanks to a large donation by a volunteer who spent 45 years working for the RNLI.

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Busy summer for RNLI

Lifeboat crews had a busy summer Credit: Humber Rescue

More than 1,000 people were rescued by RNLI volunteers in our region last year.

It is thought the hot summer contributed to the number of minor injuries and lifesaving rescues. The busiest parts of the region were Bridlington South where they helped 165 people and Whitby who rescued 79 people.


Busy summer for Lifeboat crews

RNLI crew in action
RNLI crew in action Credit: RLNI

The long, hot summer of 2013 has been one of the busiest on record for Royal National Lifeboat Institution lifesavers in the north of England.

Figures released today show the volunteer lifeboat crews carried out 598 rescue launches in June, July and August - a 28.9% increase on the previous year.

RNLI lifeguards also experienced a busy season in the north, dealing with 1,408 incidents compared to 1,143 last summer - a 23.2% increase.

Gareth Wilson, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager in the north, said good summer weather generally leads to a higher than average number of lifeboat launches.

An RNLI crew heading out to sea
An RNLI crew heading out to sea Credit: RNLI

He added: 'The more people there are at the coast, going to the beach and taking to the water, the more calls there will be for RNLI assistance.

"Our volunteer lifeboat crews are at their busiest when the sun is shining and some stations were called out several times a day at the height of the summer to help people who got into trouble on a trip to the seaside.'

Crew rescued from trawler off Bridlington coast

Four crew members have had to be rescued from a trawler in Bridlington. The town's RNLI lifeboat got the call yesterday morning after the boat called ''The Serena'' beached off the south pier. The vessel, which works out of harbour, was heading back when it ran into trouble.

'The Serena' trawler got into trouble off the Bridlington coast
The trawler normally works out of Bridlington
The RNLI assist the trawler crew

Cleethorpes lifeboats rescue 51 people in 2012

Lifeboat crews at Cleethorpes rescued 51 people last year, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has revealed.

Cleethorpes was one of the RNLI's busiest stations in the north of England,with 50 lifeboat launches.

Across the north, RNLI volunteers launched lifeboats 1,024 times from the charity's 33 stations.

The figures show that our volunteers dedicate a huge amount of their time to saving lives at sea. To know that they are on call 24/7, every day of the year is reassuring for all of us who venture out to sea around the UK and Ireland. And it's not just our crew who are committed to our charity, they wouldn't be able to carry out their lifesaving work without the incredible generosity of the public and I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who support the RNLI, whether by giving up their time or by making a donation."

– Michael Vlasto, RNLI operations director

Pleasure boat pulled to safety

Lifeboat crews have been called out to a historic pleasure cruiser which broke from its moorings during a snow storm. RNLI crews in Bridlington, East Yorkshire helped secure the Yorkshire Belle which began drifting in the town's harbour last night.

"It was a hectic night. The Yorkshire Belle is moored with two ropes and one of them broke. We got the engines started and the lifeboat gave us a bit of a push. We moored further down the harbour. It just caused cosmetic damage really but it did hit two other boats."

– Yorkshire Belle Spokesman

A weather warning for further patchy snow is in place in coastal parts of East Yorkshire, with fresh snow forecast. The Yorkshire Belle has been a popular fixture on the Bridlington coast since 1947.

She was launched to replace the original boat of the same name, which was blown up by a mine during the Second World War, resulting in the loss of all hands.


Humber RNLI rescue injured ferry passenger

Humber RNLI launch to evacuate injured ferry passenger Credit: RNLI/Ben Mitchell

Humber RNLI have rescued a pensioner who collapsed on board a North Sea ferry. The 78-year-old was travelling to the Black Forest with her husband when she fell ill and sustained injuries to her face and possibly her neck on Saturday night.

The ferry crew decided she needed hospital treatment and called the lifeboat to evacuate her to Grimsby. She was taken ashore safely by the Humber RNLI and transferred to hospital.

RNLI lifeguards reunited with man they saved

Aaron Miles, Ben Holland, Graham Warriner, Alyson Warriner and Andrew McNulty.
Aaron Miles, Ben Holland, Graham Warriner, Alyson Warriner and Andrew McNulty. Credit: RNLI

*RNLI lifeguards from Bridlington were reunited with a man on whom they performed life-saving first aid, in a special ‘thank you’ meeting in York. *Graham Warriner from York was visiting Bridlington, with his wife Alyson, when he collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The incident occurred at the Promenade at Bridlington North beach. When RNLI lifeguards rushed to the scene, they found Graham desperately struggling for breath.The lifeguards continued with CPR until the ambulance arrived. Graham spent eight days in hospital, three of which were in intensive care.

He has since made a full recovery and wanted to meet the lifeguards to say a big ‘thank you’.

Children rescued from the sea at Mablethorpe

A young brother and sister were rescued by RNLI lifeguards on Saturday after they got into difficulty in the sea at Mablethorpe. The children were playing when they were spotted drifting towards an outfall pipe where there is often a rip current running which can be dangerous for swimmers.

When lifeguards reached the 9-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl, the boy was struggling and starting to go under the water.

Both children, who could not swim, were taken back to the safety of the lifeguard unit on the beach to recover and to be reunited with their parents.

They were outside the safe swim area and were starting to struggle in the water when the lifeguards reached them. Another few seconds and it could have been a very different story. Fortunately the children seemed to be ok, although the boy was badly shocked. The area patrolled by lifeguards on the beach is clearly marked by red and yellow flags and we advise anyone who wants to swim in the sea to stay in that area. It is particularly important that anyone who can’t swim well should stick to the shallow water and not get out of their depth."

– Mark Hargreaves, RNLI lifeguard supervisor

For more information about how to stay safe at the seaside, click here.

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