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Taliban kidnap victim to stand in Rotherham by-election

Yvonne Ridley Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Yvonne Ridley, the journalist and war correspondent best known for her capture by the Taliban and subsequent conversion to Islam after release, has been selected to stand for the Respect Party in the Rotherham by-election on November 29, caused by the resignation of shamed Labour MP Denis MacShane.

Tories select candidate for MacShane seat

Simon Wilson has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the Parliamentary by-election in Rotherham. Following his selection he said: “The people of Rotherham have been badly let down by Labour politicians, not just their MP but also local councillors.

"Trust in politicians locally has been badly damaged and I aim to demonstrate that not all politicians are the same, by showing the values I hold dearly: family life, hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness.

“With over twenty years developing a career outside of politics I believe I can understand and appreciate the hopes, aspirations and fears of regular, hard-working people. I believe in small government, in the private sector leading the economic recovery and creating opportunity-"


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