Dog dumped in Ilkeston

RSPCA officers are appealing for help after a dog was found dumped in Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Cruelty Capital

West Yorkshire had more people convicted of animal cruelty last year than anywhere else in the north with 216 reports and 82 convictions.

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Goose's beak ripped off in vicious attack

Police are hunting yobs who apparently ripped off a goose's beak in Wilton Park, Batley.

Goose left with tongue hanging out Credit: Ross Parry

The animal has been left with just the top part of its beak and its tongue is hanging out.

The Canadian goose was found in the park by a dad who was told by witnesses a group of teenagers had attacked the bird – after previously killing one.

Police believe those responsible are killing animals as part of a sick game.

The dad who found the goose said: “These acts are cruel and we were really upset because this poor goose wasn’t able to feed due to only having part of its beak. We helped it by physically placing bread in its mouth but it couldn’t do it itself."

Carmen Hall, who lives in Florida but used to live in Batley, said online:

“This is absolutely horrific. How could anyone do this?

“I have spoken to the RSPCA myself but they said it was not classed as an emergency, but these cruel actions must be stopped.”

Leanne Plumtree, spokesperson for the RSPCA, said:

“We have been contacted about a Canada goose with a very serious injury in Wilton Park in Batley, and an animal collection officer went out to try to capture the bird twice on Monday and again on Tuesday but attempts have so far been unsuccessful."

Dog in Lincolnshire deliberately disabled

A paralysed dog rescued by the RSCPA in Lincolnshire needs your help to pay her vet's bills.

The RSPCA, who found the lurcher, who's thought to have been kicked and dumped by hare coursers, says the one-year-old dog needs vital treatment.

"She has allegedly been given a huge 'boot' in her lumbar or spine area to disable her which is classic case when coursers are caught red handed by a member of the public with a view to 'finishing her off' later.

"As she was so exhausted it is likely following her day's work that she had become useless to those using her for coursing."

– Spokesman for RSPCA

It is hoped the paralysis is temporary. The dog, which the charity said was "severely dehydrated", has been named Flo.



RSPCA reveal severity of animal violence

Ahead of the launch of their new campaign to highlight the dangers animals and those trying to protect them face, the RSPCA have released some examples of the cases and violence faced by RSPCA inspectors over the past two years.

Cases of animals suffering brutal attacks included:

  • A dog beaten with a pole, causing 30 fractures
  • A swan shot with a crossbow
  • A cat beaten against a tree
  • A three-week-old lamb with its ears cut off
  • A lurcher stamped on, run over and stabbed with a potato peeler
  • A bird shot with a blowgun dart through his eye
  • A mouse tortured with a power tool

Staff investigating violence on animals were threatened with:

  • A claw hammer
  • A knife
  • A crossbow
  • A shotgun
  • A machete
  • Assault
  • Death threats

RSPCA inspectors deal with 'barbaric cruelty'

I take my hat off to RSPCA Inspectors, I wouldn't want to go into the situations they do and deal with people who have inflicted such barbaric cruelty on defenceless animals - that takes real courage and professionalism.

Sadly dealing with the most stomach-churning suffering is everyday work to these men and women. I dread to think what would happen if they weren't there to help.

These everyday heroes can only help thanks to donations from the public.

– Chris Packham, TV presenter and wildlife expert



RSPCA inspectors assaulted or threatened 246 times

The RSPCA say that in 2012 alone inspectors were assaulted or threatened 246 times. The new ‘everyday heroes’ campaign hopes to highlight this growing problem and help both animals and those trying to protect them from suffering violence.

RSPCA figures from last year also showed that air rifle injuries on animals had increased by almost 40 per cent to almost 800 attacks reported to the charity in 2012.

The horrific attacks include several cats shot in the face and whose eyes had to be removed and others who did not survive after being shot.

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RSPCA launching campaign for 'everyday heroes'

The RSPCA is launching a new campaign today to help highlight the dangers many animals face and the risks charity workers who try to protect them come across.

The charity rescue thousands of animals every year from abusive situations and say many of the animals rescued have suffered horrific injuries from the use of weapons such as metal bars, knifes, guns and crossbows.

In May a young lamb was attacked and had its ears removed in Nottinghamshire Credit: ITV News Central

They say these weapons are also increasingly being turned on charity staff, who are trying to protect the animals from injury or even death. The RSPCA say three out of four inspectors suffer some sort of abuse every year while doing their job.

In May this year the RSPCA launched an investigation after a three week old lamb had its ears cut off in Nottinghamshire.

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RSPCA inspector "horrified" at condition of emaciated dog

An RSCPA inspector who rescued an emaciated dog found wandering the streets in Leeds, says she was "horrified" by the state the animal was in. "Grace" was found by Inspector Sally Bamforth earlier this month, looking so thin that her bones could be seen through her skin.

She weighed less than half what she should have. You may find some of the pictures in this clip distressing.

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