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Rabbit found in Bradford with broken leg and ears cut off

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a white rabbit was found with both ears cut off and a broken back leg in a Bradford park.

The rabbit was found straying in the park near Dirkhill Road, Bradford on 12 October by a member of the public, who took the rabbit home and called the RSPCA.

This animal has suffered incredibly and I want to hear from anyone who has any specific information that might lead me to who is responsible. What happened to this rabbit’s ears can’t have been an accident. We actually believe they have been cut off using scissors. The rabbit’s back left leg was also badly broken. The rabbit is on pain relief at the vet’s as they’re going to amputate the broken leg, but the poor creature isn’t out of the woods yet.”

– RSPCA inspector Joanne Hartley

The rabbit was not microchipped so at the moment there is no way of tracing the owner.

It’s inconceivable that someone could do something so terrible to a living thing. I’ve been an RSPCA inspector for 15 years but I’m constantly shocked by the things I have to deal with in this job. If anyone recognises this rabbit, or saw anything specific that might help my investigation, please call me.

– RSPCA inspector Joanne Hartley


Dog found hanging from bridge in Leeds

The RSPCA is investigating the death of a dog after an Akita was found dangling from a bridge by a chain fixed to railings.

The animal was spotted by a member of the public, hanging underneath a bridge on Neville Road, in the Halton area of Leeds, on Sunday July 13. It was attached to a bridge over the Wyke Beck by a chain, which was put around the dog’s neck.

RSPCA inspector Ben Cassell said the dog had no form of identification, such as a microchip or tag, but believes someone must know who the animal belongs to.

It is quite a close community around that area, so if the dog was owned by someone who lives nearby then someone must recognise him. The dog’s body was in good condition. The animal had clean teeth, had been well fed and had short nails which suggested he was regularly walked. It beggars belief why someone would think of doing this. It is a truly appalling way to end a dog’s life.

– RSPCA inspector Ben Cassell

RSPCA search for boys who threw cat over 8ft fence

RSPCA officers are searching for two boys who threw a cat over an eight foot high fence to dogs on the other side.

The boys were caught on CCTV on a pathway behind housed on Shetcliffe Lane in Bradford as they tossed the cat over the garden fence.

Fortunately the cat was unhurt was left severely shaken.

The boys are both described as white with dark hair. One was dressed in a light blue hooded zip-up top with white sleeves while the other boys was dressed in dark trousers and a black jacket.

RSPCA inspectors are now looking for the two boys - both white with dark hair. One was dressed in a light blue hooded zip-up top with white sleeves while the other boys was dressed in dark trousers and a black jacket

Investigating RSPCA inspector Rachel Oprysk said: “We believe these boys threw the cat over the garden boundary with the intention of her being attacked by the Rottweiler and Alaskan Shepherd on the other side.

“Luckily the garden they chose was the cat’s home so the dogs were used to the cat and did not see her as an intruder."


Goose's beak ripped off in vicious attack

Police are hunting yobs who apparently ripped off a goose's beak in Wilton Park, Batley.

Goose left with tongue hanging out Credit: Ross Parry

The animal has been left with just the top part of its beak and its tongue is hanging out.

The Canadian goose was found in the park by a dad who was told by witnesses a group of teenagers had attacked the bird – after previously killing one.

Police believe those responsible are killing animals as part of a sick game.

The dad who found the goose said: “These acts are cruel and we were really upset because this poor goose wasn’t able to feed due to only having part of its beak. We helped it by physically placing bread in its mouth but it couldn’t do it itself."

Carmen Hall, who lives in Florida but used to live in Batley, said online:

“This is absolutely horrific. How could anyone do this?

“I have spoken to the RSPCA myself but they said it was not classed as an emergency, but these cruel actions must be stopped.”

Leanne Plumtree, spokesperson for the RSPCA, said:

“We have been contacted about a Canada goose with a very serious injury in Wilton Park in Batley, and an animal collection officer went out to try to capture the bird twice on Monday and again on Tuesday but attempts have so far been unsuccessful."

Dog in Lincolnshire deliberately disabled

A paralysed dog rescued by the RSCPA in Lincolnshire needs your help to pay her vet's bills.

The RSPCA, who found the lurcher, who's thought to have been kicked and dumped by hare coursers, says the one-year-old dog needs vital treatment.

"She has allegedly been given a huge 'boot' in her lumbar or spine area to disable her which is classic case when coursers are caught red handed by a member of the public with a view to 'finishing her off' later.

"As she was so exhausted it is likely following her day's work that she had become useless to those using her for coursing."

– Spokesman for RSPCA

It is hoped the paralysis is temporary. The dog, which the charity said was "severely dehydrated", has been named Flo.

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