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Shark week in Scarborough

Scarborough Sea Life Centre is hosting a shark week from today

Shark week at Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Staff there are hoping to dispel myths about the predators and highlight how some species face extinction.

They will be urging people to support conservation efforts, as more than 70 million sharks are killed every year.


Britain's biggest crab claws its way to Scarborough

A Tasmanian King Crab Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Britain's biggest crab has arrived in Scarborough to take centre stage in a spectacular new exhibition at the resort's Sea Life Centre.

Experts took special care as they unloaded the huge Tasmanian King Crab, with a claw over 1ft long, capable of delivering a painful pinch.

Tasmanian King Crab Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Even greater caution was exercised with another of the new arrivals, a mantis shrimp, who can deliver a punch of over 50miles per hour - the acceleration is similar to that of a .22caliber hand gun.

Sea Life marine expert Todd German said: "It looks absolutely amazing." ** **

"Even the tanks look like giant crabs. The signage and information panels have all been done Hollywood B-movie style and there are gadgets and devices to help visitors get really involved."**