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Plans have been announced to create the region's only Muslim girls boarding school specialising in science and engineering

Members of Sheffield's Muslim community want to turn the derelict Heeley Bank School into a school and college for up to 200 girls. If funding is found it could be open by next September or the year after. It would be open to students of any faith but based on Islamic teaching.

Sayyid Ali Raza Rizvi Muslim Scholar & Project Spokesman told Calendar of the plans.


Teachers strike across the region

Thousands of teachers across our region who are taking strike action for a second time in under six months.

In Sheffield today, more than 600 members of the National Union of Teachers took to the streets over pay, pensions and conditions. Around 220 schools have been closed across North, South and West Yorkshire with hundreds more partially closed down.

Teachers say that one of the issues they're striking over is an increased workload, but the Schools Minister, David Laws MP, says the strikes aren't sensible.

Open day as school builds real life plane

Members of the public are being invited to Goole High School today where students involved in a Build a Plane project are to hold an Open Day. Work is underway on the Spirit of Goole scheme which will see the production of a fully operational bi-plane by the summer.

Students are currently putting together more than 10,000 parts that are starting to take shape as the tail and fuselage of the plane, which will eventually be used to offer flying lessons from Breighton Airfield.

Poorer children failing at school

A fifth of all children in the region who have free school meals fail to reach the accepted standard for reading, writing and arithmetic, according to charity Save the Children.

Children who are behind in the "three Rs" at the age of seven already have their life chances virtually determined, the charity says.

In a new report, "Too Young to Fail," Save the Children said being behind at these core subjects at such a young age could prejudice a child's future earnings, health and, in economic terms, cost the country billions in lost revenue.

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